Aug 5, 2022
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Amnesty International blamed Kyiv for using a “human shield” of civilians

Amnesty International blamed Kyiv for using a

Photo: AP/TASS

The Ukrainian military is putting civilians at serious risk when they place units and long-range gun positions on civilian targets, Amnesty International realized in the sixth month of hostilities. According to her, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions constantly use the territory of schools, hospitals and residential areas to carry out combat missions, which seriously violate international law, according to the study “Ukrainian tactics of warfare endanger the civilian population.”

As stated in a study published by Amnesty International, in 19 cities and towns of Ukraine, “zakhisniki” launched attacking actions precisely from residential buildings. Similar actions were noted in the regions of Donbass, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions. At the same time, Amnesty International experts strongly doubt that residents of nearby houses were evacuated before the attacks.

They also noted that in the south-east of Ukraine, 22 of the 29 schools they surveyed housed members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as military equipment and weapons. In Odessa, armored vehicles were located in residential areas, and in Bakhmut the military base was even placed in the university building.

As three residents of Bakhmut told the representatives of the organization, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used a residential building to accommodate personnel, and two military trucks were placed next to another neighboring house.

It is also reported that in five settlements, the Ukrainian military used a hospital to accommodate a military base, and in one of the cities, a firing point was equipped near the hospital building.

Secretary General of Amnesty International Agnes Calamar reported that it was possible to document cases where “Ukrainian forces put the civilian population at risk and violated military law when operating in populated areas.” She noted that “being on the defensive does not exempt the military of Ukraine from observing international humanitarian law.”

However, in the published study, Amnesty International remained true to itself and once again accused the Russian side of war crimes during the special operation, the arguments it had previously cited were refuted by Moscow.

Political scientist, director of the Freedom Institute Fyodor Biryukov recalls that organizations like Amnesty International are applied.

— You should not expect objectivity from them, they perform a clearly defined task in the general context of the policy of the West, for which Ukraine is the object of a geopolitical game. He does not need Kyiv to become stronger in this conflict, the Ukrainian side, first of all, should create problems for Russia. So that the scales manipulated by Western arbitrators would not swing in any direction. And the current statements by Amnesty International are not a form of condemnation of the Kyiv regime.

They are designed, firstly, to create the illusion of objectivity in the media – that, they say, we are monitoring the state of affairs and showing concern. Secondly, such declarations are designed to keep Kyiv on a short leash, not to give it the opportunity to weaken it too much. Perhaps now they are associated with the activation of some points of control, manipulation. In strategic terms, the statement of these facts will not change anything either in Western behavior in the Ukrainian conflict or in the tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“SP”: – That is, no serious conclusions will be drawn from this study?

– Undoubtedly. Modern military conflicts in general are most often conducted without observing any rules. And this is reflected in the actions of politicians. Therefore, here on the part of Kyiv any, even the most insane methods, of warfare will be used, as long as the West finances the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And Amnesty International here, as it is easy to understand, is in the same trench.

“SP”: – It turns out that the adopted various conventions, declarations designed to make hostilities, so to speak, less bloody, did not bring results?

“On the contrary, they only reinforced their cruel and inhuman character. They were just a decoration, a background, “white noise” designed to cloud the view of the Western layman, who to a large extent demonstrates a striking naivety in humanitarian matters.

It’s like with environmental organizations that, in words, are fighting against the destruction of wildlife, but in reality they are carrying out real espionage activities, acting in the interests of competing transnational corporations that are implementing their own international projects. At the same time, Amnesty International is a tool for the implementation of such projects.

Director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Politics Anton Orlov highlighted two circumstances that could have prompted Amnesty International’s statements.

– Firstly, it is the desire to balance the picture of what is happening, to give it the appearance of an objective one. This is for the Western media to cover and comment on the organization’s research. Secondly, Western public opinion is being prepared for the military defeat of Ukraine.

“SP”: – The West understood the inevitability of such an outcome only now?

– Not really. Let me remind you that last month such iconic figures of Western politics as Anthony Blinken, Henry Kissinger, Jens Stoltenberg hinted at the need for territorial concessions from Ukraine.

“SP”: – What is the reason for such statements?

– In the approach of winter, when socio-economic difficulties will worsen and a serious increase in protest moods will follow in European countries. All this is gradually beginning to dictate to Western leaders the need to end the Ukrainian conflict.

“SP”: – That is, military support for Kyiv will also be curtailed?

– Will be. But not immediately, not abruptly. The West cannot afford to lose face. As gas prices rise, public dissatisfaction with the deteriorating economic situation increases, primarily in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, we will observe a decrease in the volume of weapons supplied to the Ukrainian side.

It would be useful to recall that Germany has so far delivered only about ten percent of the promised military equipment. In words, Western countries will, of course, support Kyiv, the rhetoric will continue, but in practice their assistance to Kyiv will decrease.

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