Jun 16, 2022
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Amino acids and women

Amino acids and women

Experts advise to be extremely careful and careful when choosing sports nutrition for women. The fact is that some drugs can not only help to model your body, but harm the body of a woman. This is especially true when not a well-formed woman, but a young girl, is engaged in power sports.

Before choosing sports nutrition for women, it is necessary to conduct detailed and in-depth consultations with sports professionals, with doctors, and only then make a decision on taking drugs. Otherwise, you can cause an irreparable blow to the body. One of the side effects of improper “amateur” sports nutrition can be virilization phenomena, when a woman clearly shows masculine features: hair growth of the skin occurs, her voice rapidly grows coarse, etc.

If there are no contraindications, then you can safely start taking it. The most common sports nutrition preparations are proteins and amino acids. The latter are especially loved by athletes, because they
supply the body with an indispensable material for building muscle mass.

Sports amino acids as liquid nutrition are taken after training, thereby allowing the muscles to increase in size most effectively. Amino acids, sports nutrition ? they are inseparable things. Many professionals generally do not advise starting bodybuilding if sports amino acids are not consumed. Such exercises simply will not bring the desired result. That is, the right approach should include not only optimal loads, but also amino acids, sports nutrition.

Another irreplaceable drug? BCAA. This preparation carries three amino acids with branched carbon chains. These are: isoleucine, leucine and valine. All three are not produced by the body on their own, so they have to be “supplied” from the outside.

BCAA 1000 is a very strong and balanced blend. In this mixture, in addition to the three main amino acids, there is also vitamin B6, which provides an increased degree of assimilation. Thus, BCAA 1000 caps is not just a supplier of essential amino acids. It is also designed for the fastest and most effective “delivery” of them into the body.

BCAA 2200 contains not just amino acids, but their type, which is released for a prolonged period of time, which allows you to maximize muscle recovery. In addition, BCAA 2200 normalizes the psychological background, attention, sleep and even sexual function.

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