May 2, 2021
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America’s Spiritual Degradation Accelerates

Hypocrisy begins to spread from the public top

The Gallup Institute conducted a survey on American religious beliefs. Despite the anti-religious prejudices prevailing in Western popular culture (in the same Hollywood films, believers are regularly presented as obscurantists or cruelly ridiculed), the absolute majority of US residents call themselves adherents of one or another religious denomination.

45% of Americans call themselves Protestants, 25% – Catholics, 2% – Jews, 1% – Muslims and Mormons. 19% of US citizens cannot identify themselves with any of the listed confessions (although obviously not all of them consider themselves atheists), and another 7% gave their own answer, not provided for in the questionnaire.

However, despite the declared presence of faith (belonging to a certain religious organization), the seriousness of this faith raises, how to put it better, very big doubts. And then we remember: it doesn’t matter what you believe in.

As Gallup found out, only 30% of Americans have recently attended services (in a church, in a mosque, in a congregation of adepts). And this cannot be attributed to some kind of “pandemic” with its bans: in 2018, before the start of the worldwide whistle around the “terrible virus”, this figure was still only 32% (less than a third of those who declare themselves believers).

Advertising of the film

Advertising of the film “Dogma”, mocking Christianity

At the same time, 48% of Americans say that religion is “very important” to them. It seems to be a lot. At first glance, it is a straightforward religious society. However, for most of the history of conducting such surveys (up to the early 2000s), much more people gave such an answer – approximately 70% of the respondents. According to another 25% of those polled in the last poll, religion is “quite important” for them. And 27% say religion doesn’t matter to them.

According to sociologists, Republicans are significantly more religious than Democrats: 65% versus 46%. Churched Americans make up the majority of the inhabitants of the South (58%) and Midwest of the United States (54%). There are significantly fewer of them in the eastern (44%) and western (38%) regions. Obviously, in the latter case, the decisive role is played by California, which has a reputation as one of the most liberal (anti-religious) states in America.

The United States is religiously divided geographically, and territorial division is not the only one. If among Americans born before 1946, people who, in principle, do not associate themselves with religion – only 7%, then among those born in 1981-1996 – already 31%.

Religion is leaving American society.

We also understand that the inner content of the faith is much more important than the declared confessional affiliation. And with this – continuous problems (to put it mildly).

Most of the world’s religions have a negative attitude towards abortion and sexual perversion, in particular homosexuality. The Bible (and almost three quarters of US residents consider themselves Christians) says: “Do not lie with a man as with a woman: this is an abomination.” John Chrysostom called homosexuality the most serious of sins. However, the majority of the United States population approves of same-sex “marriage” (64% of whites, 60% of Hispanics and 51% of African Americans) with its “abomination”.

Joe Biden leaving the church

Joe Biden – Exiting the Church

Hypocrisy begins to spread from the upper circles of society. For example, US President Joe Biden calls himself a member of the Catholic Church; the White House even announced his intention to attend Mass every week. However, you can say anything. And in practice, Biden during the election campaign promised to lift the anti-abortion restrictions imposed by Donald Trump. Most importantly, under the new US administration, a maximally favored regime is being created for sexual minorities – they will be allocated special places on the boards of directors of major American companies and in the apparatus of the US State Department.

Catholicism formally condemns homosexuality as a sin, but Pope Francis has recently made one after another statements that can be regarded as support for same-sex relationships. Anglicans preach that homosexuals … are “loved by God.” Lutherans and Presbyterians in a number of countries “marry” man to man and allow perverts to serve. And all these “Christians” are preaching sin.

Lutherans and Presbyterians in a number of countries

Society of the United States of America is rapidly advancing on the path of de-Christianization. Nominally Christian communities in the United States are literally occupied by the builders of the “brave new world.” America’s spiritual degradation is accelerating.

And finally. On March 12, 2021, US Secretary of Defense Austin Lloyd signed a memorandum for senior command personnel. The theme of the memorandum is “Promotion and protection of the rights of lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual and intersex people around the world.”

The new US administration has been putting the Pentagon on the spread of the worldwide practice of sexual perversion. This is an indispensable element of the “new normality” of supposed Christians, which will be imposed on everyone.

Cover photo: REUTERS / Tom Brenner

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