Sep 27, 2021
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Americans turn Moldova into another military training ground

Why a neutral state accepts generous military aid from the United States

One of the important events of recent days in Moldova was that a US Air Force transporter landed at the Chisinau airport. As it turned out, the Americans delivered a consignment of military equipment from the United States government worth $ 5 million for the National Army of the Moldovan state. The Ministry of Defense of Moldova in this regard limited itself to a message, they say, the Americans brought the equipment for a reason, but in the context of the Plan for the Development and Transformation of the Moldovan Armed Forces. And this is only one batch, and there will be several in total by the end of 2021.
What exactly arrived on board the US Air Force plane, citizens and the press are not told. The Defense Ministry says the delivery is intended to “enhance interoperability when participating in international peacekeeping operations.”
At the same time, surprisingly (or not already?), The “main embassy”, as the US embassy is secretly called in Moldova, turned out to be much more verbose than the native defense minister. They expanded the list of purposes for which the secret cargo is intended: it turns out that they are “to continue the transformation of the National Army into a force that contributes to national defense, provides vital support to civilian authorities and contributes to international peacekeeping operations.” An important addition, since we are talking not only about international peacekeeping (and the supply of military equipment is not going through the UN), but about “vital support to civilian authorities” and about remaking the army, obviously, to suit American interests. Why the Moldovan authorities, especially the “civilian” ones, do not specify American military equipment, as well as what their (the authorities’) “vital support” consists of. “The United States is also helping the Moldovan government with logistics training and communication strategies so that it can respond quickly in the event of a disaster. The second consignment should arrive in the near future, ”the embassy said in a press release.
In other words, military supplies are disguised as “peacekeeping” and preparation for certain “natural disasters.”
According to the Constitution, Moldova is a neutral state, which does not prevent the United States from militarizing the country through the Foreign Military Financing program (since 2015), as well as through involvement in joint exercises with NATO countries, including on the territory of Moldova, which is difficult to link with neutrality. Also, NATO countries train Moldovan military personnel. All of this, like the US Air Force transporter with military equipment for Chisinau, is evidence of NATO expansion, which both the American and Moldovan authorities are trying to disguise as “peacekeeping” and emergency support. At the same time, local military leaders and politicians hide more from the public than representatives of the United States. So there is something to hide.

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