May 7, 2022
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Americans refused Lend-Lease for Ukraine

Photo: Ukrainian soldiers load Javelin anti-tank missiles delivered as part of US security assistance to Ukraine.

Photo: Ukrainian soldiers load Javelin anti-tank missiles delivered as part of US security assistance to Ukraine. (Photo: AP/TASS)

The National Interest magazine believes that some particularly hot-headed Yankees should change their minds when they suggest that NATO intervene in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the side of Banderstat. In particular, some Max Boots in a May 2 Washington Post op-ed argues that the United States must provide Ukraine with “all the weapons it needs to win” and not be afraid of escalation.

You can also bring dangerous chatter Michael McFaulthe former US ambassador to Russia, who believes that the Kremlin’s warnings in response to increased Western military assistance to Kyiv should be ignored. “The threat of escalation is cheap talk,” says McFaul confidently. Like, “Insert cunning.

It is clear why this is done by the star-striped “hawks”. They need to calm the American public, which is scared by aggressive support Biden Kyiv regime. This part of the Yankee sends a direct message to its citizens that a little NATO fight with the Russians will benefit everyone. Say, nothing will happen if, for example, first the Poles, and then the Britons intervene on the side of the Bandera. The message is: Putin is not suicidal, and he knows the US response will be devastating.

More disturbing than the recklessly hawkish sentiment of smug pundits is that American and European officials are also openly talking about helping Ukraine win the war and inflicting a humiliating defeat on Russia. Ted CarpenterSenior Fellow for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute. — US delegation led by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosivisited Kyiv in early May, repeatedly stressed this theme, as well as Washington’s promise to continue military assistance until victory is achieved.

It sounds disturbing and even frightening. Is the world really slipping into a nuclear conflict? Meanwhile, some US experts claim that the White House has sent a secret signal to Moscow that US military aid is not crossing red lines.

Now many overseas military-journalistic publications are posting to the fullest the analytics of the truth-seeker Ryan Faithwho carefully analyzed law S.3522, dubbed “Lend-Lease for Ukraine”.

It turns out that “this is not a Lend-Lease,” says Faith, at least not close to the Great Program of the Second World War. Recall that the law S.3522 was adopted on April 28 by the US House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority.

Of course, there was some Russophobic verbiage in Faith’s analytics, and the author of Vice News even added for some reason Napoleonwho once said: “In battles, morality is three times more important than physical aspects.” True, this did not help Bonaparte in the campaign against Moscow in 1812.

However, if we squeeze the “water” out of the assessment of law S.3522, then in the bottom line it turns out that the Yankees accepted it not so much to help Ukraine, but for internal reasons. Like, if the Americans shrugged off the defense of yellow-Blakit democracy, then what kind of Americans are they.

Let’s say right away that this message is clearly designed for suckers, including the patriots of Ukraine. The law clearly states: “Subject to paragraph (2), for fiscal years 2022 and 2023, the president may authorize the government of the United States to provide or lease defense products to the government of Ukraine or the governments of Eastern European countries affected by the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, as well as to provide assistance in strengthening the defense capabilities of these countries and protecting their civilian populations.

The list of “affected by Russia” includes Poland, the entire Baltic, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia. In other words, the announced and publicized $33 billion is not only for the Ze-Team.

And in general, there is one “small but big snag” in this law, the expert notes. The problem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is that the norm limits the amount of military aid that the president can send to the “Eastern European front” in any year (not only in 2022) to a limit of $5 billion.

So Faith argues: “Well, what the hell is this Lend-Lease.” In terms of the USSR assistance program and taking into account inflation, we can safely say that we are talking about small things that will end in a couple of months of fighting, if not in a shorter period. Much of what was sent has already been destroyed in transit.

But that’s not all! More precisely, not all! It is very likely that almost all of the $5 billion allocated for this year has been spent, despite the announced $800 million in the form of the first tranche. By the way, trains with equipment and ammunition are going to the Armed Forces of Ukraine right now from this amount of money.

The fact is that it is not for nothing that Law S.3522 mentions other Eastern European beneficiaries of the “Ukrainian Lend-Lease”. For example, Poland supplied Ukraine with 200 T-72 tanks and 22 MiG-29 fighters. So she has a right to rely on American money, Faith notes. Naturally, not in the form of payment, but as counter deliveries to Warsaw of Abrams tanks or F-35 fighters for an equivalent amount. The most important question is, what numbers did the Ze-team subscribe to? It seems that the Kyiv regime has become generous to the fullest.

There is no doubt that the Poles are already rubbing their hands from an incredibly good deal. Of course, the “Ze-team” is counting on Russian gold reserves, but even talk about the confiscation of our currency stash has stopped at a serious level in the States. This is a dig for a dollar, which the Yankees are unlikely to do. Everything will freeze.

Or, take Slovakia, which sent S-300 air defense systems and a batch of MiG-29s to the “square” air defense system. And she, too, is entitled to bucks in full – again from the assistance, which, unlike the World War II program, is limited only to leasing. That is, Kyiv, in any case, will be obliged to give money for the expensive Patriot air defense systems and F-16 aircraft promised to Bratislava as compensation.

Transatlantic truth-seeker Ryan Faith specifically notes that the supply of Soviet weapons and ammunition to Ukraine from the countries of the former social bloc is included in the fee under S.3522. “The truth is that (almost) no one will write an article about presidential powers or foreign military funding because it involves arcane legislative minutiae,” the expert writes.

But, most likely, the Yankees do not want to show the simple patriots of Ukraine that the United States does not help the “square”, but, on the contrary, rip it off to the fullest. And not only the current hulks, but also their children and even grandchildren will have to pay for “secret legislative trifles”. At the same time, the Poles, Slovaks, Romanians and other “allies” of the “nenka” are not only getting rid of old weapons, but also favorably changing them to modern military systems.

That is why the truth-seeker from Vice News comes to the conclusion that Washington, in fact, canceled the lend-lease for the “square” and replaced it with the sale of weapons in installments, and on conditions that were onerous for Kyiv. This means that the fears of the National Interest that the United States is ready to escalate the conflict with Russia are greatly exaggerated, and any demonstration of determination is a bluff of the White House. All the United States needs is a long conflict to exhaust Russia.

This whole story with military assistance shows that a nuclear apocalypse for the sake of “nenka” is not on the agenda of the public there. Of course, Moscow is aware of the star-striped scam. On the other hand, this does not mean that the issue of supplies of Western weapons dangerous for our troops is closed.

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