Jan 24, 2021
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American woman who refuses to wear a mask

Is Marjorie Taylor Green the future star of the US Republican Party?

Republican Rep. And civic supporter QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greene has submitted articles of impeachment to the 46th US President Joe Biden on corruption charges. She accuses Joe Biden in “bribery” and “blatant nepotism”: “President Joe Biden is not the right fit for the presidency. His abuse of power as Vice President Obama is lengthy and troubling. President Biden has demonstrated that he will do everything he can to bail out his son Hunter and fill his family’s pockets with money from corrupt foreign energy companies. “

Republican Representative and QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene has submitted articles of impeachment to the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, on corruption charges.

Many Obama administration officials, Ms. Greene recalls, have repeatedly expressed doubts about Hunter Biden’s role on the company’s board of directors. Burismaoperating in Ukraine. And during his father’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden “Has established many business relationships with foreign citizens and received millions of dollars from foreign sources”

Marjorie Greene’s key motive for initiating an impeachment against Joe Biden is her serious fears that Hunter Biden’s financial transactions could enable foreign intelligence services to blackmail not only him personally, but the entire Biden family. Thereby “President Biden has seriously endangered the security of the United States and its government institutions”

Marjorie Green strongly opposes Joe Biden

Marjorie Greene won a convincing US congressional election in Georgia, openly supporting the QAnon civil movement and arguing that Muslims have no place in government. In his campaign video, which he immediately deleted Facebook.Green with an assault rifle AR-15 in hand advises the antifa activists “Stay away from Georgia”… She actively supported Donald Trump as a fighter against the Deep State pedophile clique (the Deep State pedophile clique)

“The inauguration looked like a one-party military coup with 30 thousand servicemen– wrote Marjorie Green on Twitter. “Biden is calling for unity after the Democratic Party continues to attack anyone who disagrees with them.” She also called the new president “ignorant grandfather” (ignorant grandfather)

Green was among 139 congressmen and eight senators who opposed congressional certification of the electoral college results from Arizona and Pennsylvania, confirming Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.

She is known for not being shy about saying things that GOP bosses are afraid to even stutter about. So, in February 2018, when in the city of Parkland in high school, former high school graduate Nicholas Cruz shot 17 people with a rifle, Marjorie suggested that it was “A false flag planned shooting”… She later wrote on Facebook: “Nancy Pelosi tells Hillary Clinton several times a month:” We need another shooting at school to convince the public to demand strict gun control. “

Marjorie Green is not shy about saying things that GOP bosses are afraid to even stutter about.

Green has been in Congress for less than a month, but has already found herself at the center of a number of conflicts. She refused to wear the mask during her inauguration ceremony on January 4 and left the House of Representatives, prompting a loud squabble between Democrats and Republicans. Then she put on a mask for the sake of appearance, but with the inscription: “Trump won” (Trump won)

The American media are rather monotonous in their coverage of Marjorie Green’s initiative, agreeing that since the Democrats control the House and Senate, Biden’s impeachment will not work. Realizing that Green’s initiative is unrealistic, the Republicans have not yet responded to it.

Meanwhile, the American media are unanimously denying the accusations made by Marjorie Green against Biden. Magazine Hill notes that “No evidence found that Hunter Biden’s work at the Ukrainian company Burisma influenced US foreign policy”, and Joe Biden himself denies “Making any political decisions regarding Ukraine, taking into account the business interests of his son”

Business Insider writes that “Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation into his financial transactions, but there is no evidence that the President [Джо Байден] is of interest to the federal prosecutor’s office “Washington Post ironically: “Trump is gone, and Marjorie Taylor Green is keeping up the cult”

Supporters of the Qanon movement

Photo: REUTERS Brian Snyder

The position taken by the GOP bosses in this situation is vulnerable. For them, Marjorie Green is too hot and independent; she was elected to the House of Representatives from the state of Georgia, as they say, on her own – without the support of party members, under the banner of the movement QAnon… However, the Republican bosses may be late: a campaign has already begun to expel Republican supporters of Trump from Congress. Seven Democratic Senators filed for Senate Ethics Committee requested an investigation against Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who objected to the certification of the presidential election results, which the complainants believed contributed to the January 6 violence.

Cruz and Hawley are threatened with losing seats in the Senate and being barred from running in the 2024 presidential election. If the Republicans do not start responding with blow for blow to the Democrats, they will lose all chances of restoring their positions in Congress. And the brave Marjorie Taylor Green, for all the costs of her expansive nature, could be the ideal candidate for US vice president in four years. Donald Trump, who supported her in the Georgia elections, named Marjorie “Future republican star”

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