Apr 6, 2021
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American pacifists urged Biden to normalize relations with Russia

American pacifists have spoken out against direct threats against Russia. Biden was accused of “gangster” politics.

With the coming to power of Joseph Biden, the political vector of the United States has changed significantly. The new leader outlined priorities, which include a revision of relations with China, as well as more categorical negotiations with Russia.

Biden’s recent remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin have shown that the American politician is often far from diplomatic rhetoric. The world community fears that the leader of the Democrats will raise the degree of tension in the geopolitical field.

Now Biden’s policy is being taken care of within the United States as well. It became known that the community of Palestinian communities called on Biden to normalize relations with Russia.

It is noted that representatives of the pacifists signed a document, the provisions of which say that Washington needs to build a constructive dialogue with Moscow. Opponents of the aggressive policy outlined their position according to which Biden’s “bandit” policy towards sovereign states is unacceptable, reports Life.

The pacifists are convinced that the US drive for world domination is fueling fear throughout the world. First of all, Arab countries suffer from this, they say.


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