Jun 7, 2022
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American mercenaries: Ukraine is ideal for growing Nazism

gray zone: What will happen to us if these scumbags return to America?

Alexander Rubinstein (Alexander Rubinstein), American news site writer gray zonetalks about American neo-Nazis in the ranks of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. He calls Ukraine an “incubator” of American Nazism.

The United States is currently experiencing a national pandemic of violence in connection with a series of mass shootings in schools and other public places.

In parallel, American white nationalists, accused of acts of violence at home, are gaining combat experience with modern American-made weapons in their hands, participating in a military conflict unleashed away from the United States by their puppet – Ukraine.

Today, federal law enforcement agencies do not know how many American neo-Nazis are involved in the military conflict in Ukraine. However, the Biden administration is not preventing the Ukrainian government from recruiting Americans, including violent extremists, at its embassy in Washington and consulates across the country. gray zone.

Among the most prominent American white nationalists currently serving in the ranks of the Ukrainian army are Paul Gray. The veteran of the US Armed Forces fought for almost two months in the ranks of the Georgian National Legion, a Ukrainian military organization that committed many war crimes.

In April of this year, he was taken to an “unidentified hospital” in Ukraine due to combat wounds.

Paul Gray is a true American fascist and a former member of several fascist groups, including the now-defunct Traditionalist Labor Party, as well as the thriving American Vanguard, Atomwaffen Division, and Patriot Front.

Repeatedly participated in combat missions in Iraq. In January of this year, he joined the Georgian National Legion in Ukraine.

In early 2021, Gray reached Kyiv and opened a gym where he promoted the culture of mixed martial arts in Ukraine, popular among local ultra-nationalists.

In early February 2022, he began training civilians and volunteers in American military tactics. NBC’s San Antonio in Texas admired Gray’s exploits: “While on the front lines in Ukraine, veteran Paul Gray is using his extensive military experience to strengthen the Ukrainian nation.”.

After being wounded, Gray told Coffee or Die that: “We were ready for tanks to attack us, but we were fired upon by artillery. The concrete wall protected me, but then I was under it..

Another veteran of the “Georgian Legion” Craig Lang in the United States he was convicted of the failed murder of his wife and discharged from the army.

After his release, he continued to periodically end up in prison until he left for Ukraine, where he met with his friend, also an army veteran, Alex Zwiefelhofer. Both joined the ultra-nationalist organization Right Sector in 2015, and Lang has reportedly recruited dozens of fighters from the West.

By 2016, Lang was fighting alongside the Georgian National Legion in eastern Donbas.

U.S. Department of Justice and FBI documents leaked to the press reveal that Lang and other U.S. Nazis “allegedly took civilians prisoner, beat them with fists, kicked them, beat them with socks filled with stones, and forcibly held them under water.”

Lang, who is said to have been the “chief instigator” of the torture, “perhaps even killed some of them before burying their bodies in unmarked graves.”

The story of Craig Lang, which used to be a very hot topic, suddenly disappeared from the field of view of the American media after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine in late February.

The list of the “Georgian Legion” includes Joachim FurholmNorwegian fascist activist. In his country he was convicted of trying to rob a bank.

Furholm made several attempts to recruit American neo-Nazis into the ranks of the Azov Battalion, which provided housing for him near Kyiv, as well as “training bases for those foreign volunteers he was only trying to recruit.”

Furholm said about Ukraine:It’s like a petri dish for growing fascism. There are ideal conditions for this.”

As US Department of Homeland Security sources acknowledged, extremists like Gray and his compatriots are likely to return to the American home front soon, bringing with them a host of combat tactics and new connections to an international network of fascist militants and war criminals.

“What will happen to us in America when these Nazi scumbags return home?” the author asks in conclusion.

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