May 10, 2021
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American generosity will finish off Ukrainian science and education

American generosity will finish off Ukrainian science and education

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The United States is unexpectedly concerned about the state of science in Ukraine and plans to allocate about two million dollars to Kiev to “develop the potential” of local specialists. This follows from the document of the American Department of State, which was at the disposal of RT.

Funding will be carried out within the framework of the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) program, which the United States has already implemented in a number of countries over the past decade. In this case, as noted in the American Foreign Ministry, its goal is “to strengthen the potential of Ukrainian innovators and entrepreneurs in the scientific and technical sphere, as well as to strengthen the innovative ecosystems in which they work.”

It also directly states that the United States is interested in identifying the most talented scientists in Ukraine, popularizing the stories of GIST participants among young people, as well as strengthening the role of “American and scientific values” – integrity, ethics and transparency. Because it is in the interests of the United States administration in the spheres of economy and national security.

Grant applications are open to American and foreign NPOs and NGOs, educational institutions and international organizations.

In fact, $ 2 million for science is a small thing. Especially taking into account the fact that recently the World Bank (its financial policy is determined by the same Americans) allocated to Ukraine a hundred times more – $ 200 million – for the reform, which provides for a significant reduction in the country’s higher educational institutions. Moreover, we are talking exclusively about state educational institutions, of which, according to American bankers, there are too many in the “square” – 231. And in the context of a shrinking population, this allegedly creates problems “for financial stability and quality of services.” Given that the number of universities in recent years has already decreased by 25%.

How much will be liquidated in the six years that are allocated for the implementation of the reform is still difficult to say. But it is assumed that, based on the results of audits, only those educational institutions that meet the necessary standards will receive a permit for educational activities. They must be “transparent” and “effective”.

That is, having calculated the apparently bleak future of Ukrainian higher education, the Americans decided to hurry up with the preparation of scientific potential for themselves – as they say, for export. While there is someone to choose from.

– Americans have been doing this for a long time and all over the world, – comments on the situation former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, politician Volodymyr Oleinik… – The most talented, advanced, promising guys are selected and offered to move to the USA.

It is clear there are nuggets. Even if the education system has seriously sagged, there are still those who need to be given a chance. Therefore, they receive a green card, receive the right to study, and then to work in the United States. This is a whole direction.

And, of course, we are not talking about any development of Ukrainian science here. The allocated amount is a penny. In addition, half will go to those who implement these programs in Ukraine, who allocate grants for them.

Again, in any state, everything is subordinated to the development strategy. But in 2014 the American ambassador Payette formulated it in such a way that Ukraine should be a superagrarian country. And the point.

Neither the Ukrainian people, nor the Ukrainian government, and the US Ambassador determined where Ukraine should move. And now this strategy is being filled with content.

“SP”: – Explain.

– Under the program “supergraduate state” 45 million people, that’s a lot. Enough 15-20 million Plus five to seven million active, high-quality workforce for the European labor market.

In fact, this is what the Germans practiced during the war years. Only then they took my mother to Germany forcibly, and today Ukrainians go “to work” voluntarily. There is poverty in the country, and it drives them to earn money, and, moreover, not by profession or vocation, for the most part. Even if you graduated from two conservatories – you will pick apples or wash toilets.

Everything else is prohibited. For example, the European Union, in fact, in an ultimatum form demanded that the Ukrainian authorities refuse to support domestic engineering. There it was regarded as discrimination against foreign manufacturers.

And universities, they exist for this purpose, to train specialists of various profiles for a specific strategy of the state’s development.

But if the legendary “Antonov” does not work, “Yuzhmash” is stopped, soon, while it is still operating, “Motor Sich” will stop, then who needs aircraft builders, rocket builders and motor builders. Association with the EU provides for a different approach – we will bring everything you need from Europe.

Note that the IMF has never limited Kiev’s budgets for the war, for the army. But 14 million pensioners are ballast. They say, only costs – they do not work inside, and you cannot take them to Europe.

Therefore, old age in Ukraine is poverty, death, suicide. etc.

“Partners” need able-bodied, and more recently also skilled workers.

“SP”: – Is this why higher educational institutions are being cut?

– Including. Now they are beginning to pay more attention to vocational schools.

That is, a simple worker must not only pick apples, but also tighten the nut, and somehow understand the mechanisms. But – nothing more.

And gifted children, of course, are attracted by conditions. There is no prospect in Ukraine now – banditry, nationalism, devastation etc. There, they tell you, you can try to become an American. And even a rich American, if your American dream comes true.

The USA is a catcher of souls who come and take the most valuable things. And everything else is destroyed, because they look at most people as biomass.

Ukrainian political scientist and economist Alexander Dudchak also believes that the United States is not going to develop science in Ukraine:

“They are trying to ensure that science does not develop anywhere, except in the United States itself. This, it seems to me, is clear to everyone. Therefore, they are doing everything possible to identify the most talented and promising specialists everywhere so that they work for the American economy.

In principle, their entire Silicon Valley, which is considered the center of scientific thought and modern progress, is mainly from abroad. And among them there are quite a few representatives of the former Soviet republics who work successfully for American global capital.

In this case, this money will not go to the development of science. Rather, they will go to monitoring, to study the situation – where else in Ukraine can you find sources of fresh ideas, and how to insert them into a mechanism that works for the US economy.

Nobody will allow Ukrainian science to develop. Moreover, to develop independently in the interests of Ukraine itself.

“SP”: – Is it still possible?

– The technological sphere, one might say, has already been killed in Ukraine. Remnants of some of it still glimmer in some universities thanks to those specialists who were raised in Soviet times, and by inertia managed to still develop science in the first years of Ukrainian independence.

Actually, the current situation in the country is the result of the instructions of the IMF. Because the reforms that they insisted on, they led precisely to the destruction of the independent scientific potential in the state.

Well, now, of course, so many enterprises are not needed, in principle, because deindustrialization is followed by a natural process of depopulation. People disperse or simply, not seeing prospects in this country, do not have children.

And what the World Bank is doing is their natural policy. Here, in Ukraine, there should be no science or technology. The industry should be minimal – to support some kind of assembly production. Although this, we see, is going away.

In essence, the World Bank is simply carrying out the task of disposing of Ukraine and turning it into a land of free resources. And the human resource is also a resource. Only in this case he should not be educated and have an independent science. Research and development, this is not for Ukraine in the concepts of the United States and the international financial institutions that stand behind them.

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