Apr 27, 2022
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American fear

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who visited Kyiv on April 23, looked very bravo in the photographs, but at the same time both showed extreme caution. They hid from all conceivable and unthinkable dangers: from Russian special forces, and from a strike with a high-precision Caliber, and even from a crazy Kiev resident who was tired of everything that was happening and stocked up with Kalashnikovs during the random distribution of weapons to everyone.

Distinguished American guests arrived in Kyiv incognito, despite the talkativeness of Zelensky refreshed with cocaine. And on instructions from Washington, the entire program of their stay in Ukraine was covered with a copper basin of secrecy. No one knows where they were, what they did and what they understood. It was a very difficult special mission.

The Ukrainian media did not focus on the shy demeanor of distinguished guests. Even tame American journalists were forbidden to follow the Secretary of State and the head of the Pentagon along their chosen route. You never know what: all of a sudden the Russians will detect their telephone conversations and blast them with Caliber. Blinken and Austin “deciphered” and revealed themselves to the world only after they moved to Poland. Although in Poland they gave a press conference in an unknown place and only for strictly selected media representatives.

The world did not notice the heroism of the two high-ranking Americans, and if they had, they would have contributed to the information war against themselves. After all, they are still not rangers, they are not trained in camouflage techniques. It’s good that Austin doesn’t need to put shoe polish on his face, this chocolate bunny will do just fine. And Blinken, painted for camouflage, would have looked very picturesque.

In general, the visit of the Americans to Kyiv suggests: is it right that Pan Zelensky walks around Ukraine so calmly with his stories about the imminent coming victory of the Ukrainian army and endlessly fools the people? They say the best weapon is laughter. I remember that in 2008, the turbo-president of Georgia, Mikho Saakashvili, who had not yet managed to escape from Tbilisi to Kyiv, lamented in English, throwing himself into a roadside ditch from the “roar of Russian aviation”, although the roar did not come from there at all.

It seems that if Vladimir Zelensky felt like a target hunted by a hunter, he would show an excellent cascade of pop numbers. The best numbers of “Quarter 95” would fade, and the world would laugh to its heart’s content! For example, if the Black Sea Fleet, which has its own sabotage units, suddenly declared Zelensky “enemy number one” for the death of the cruiser Moskva, and the sailors would decide to play a joke on the clown president! Then it would be terrible for Pan Zelensky to live and he would have to be afraid in an American way. Well, if suddenly his fears come true, what’s wrong with that? It is known, after all, that the Nazis have no place on earth.


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