Feb 20, 2021
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American doctors spoke about the identified long-term consequences of COVID

Epidemiologists from Washington State University spoke about the long-term consequences of the transferred coronavirus. An article describing their research was published by the scientific journal JAMA Network Open.

The experiment involved 234 patients who suffered a mild or severe infection in the first half of 2020. They told how their life changed after recovery. Also, doctors asked about bad habits and chronic diseases that these people had before infection.

It turned out that about a third of the study participants continued to feel sick, tired, sore throat and cough even 6-9 months after recovery. They also complained about a poor sense of taste and smell.

It is noted that in the severe course of the coronavirus, the chronic consequences were more pronounced.

Experts, making the conclusion of the study, stated the need for long-term monitoring of patients who have undergone COVID-19.

Earlier, a Russian immunologist said that coronavirus infection exacerbates all chronic pathologies and can lead to serious disruptions in the body’s work.

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