May 10, 2021
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American artillery shooting in Estonia – a warning signal for Moscow

700 American and British troops landed in Estonia on May 8 to participate in the exercise Quick response (“Quick Response”), which are the exercise phase Defender of Europe 2021 (“Defender of Europe-2021”). Several American generals will attend the exercise.

The increase in the scale of these exercises is noteworthy. So, Defender of Europe 2021 – the largest US exercise in Europe over the past 25 years. They are attended by 28 thousand NATO troops from 26 countries. Training tasks are carried out at 30 training grounds located in 12 countries from the Baltic and Southern Europe to North Africa. This time, units of the 41st Railgunners Field Artillery Brigade fired missile systems at training targets for the first time in Germany and Estonia М270 MLRS and М142 HIMARS

During the exercise, it is planned to evaluate the possibilities of using long-range American artillery as part of mixed artillery units. Brigadier General Christopher Norrie (Christopher Norrie) said that such exercises are given to the US Army “A huge space for action … across Europe”… The general clarified that the priority for the US Army is the modernization of long-range artillery systems, and “This will be fully demonstrated in Estonia.”

The potential target for missile strikes is the Black Sea.

The Russian Defense Ministry described the US actions as provocative. The landing in Estonia of troops stationed in North Carolina (USA) was carried out in tactical conditions close to combat. Russian observers are not invited to such exercises. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calls NATO exercises near Russian borders a warning signal for Moscow.

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