Sep 11, 2022
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America warns Zelensky: we must fight, otherwise you will not exist in principle

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during the presentation of high state awards

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during the presentation of high state awards (Photo: Ukraine PresidencyZuma / TASS)

In the event of a cessation of hostilities, Ukraine may cease to exist as an independent state, said at a joint press conference in Brussels with the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg.

“If Russia stops hostilities, then peace will come, if Ukraine stops, then it will cease to exist as an independent state,” he said.

In addition, he noted that he considers it important to continue military, financial and humanitarian support for Ukraine in the coming months in the face of the energy crisis and rising prices.

“In June, we agreed on a broad package of support for Ukraine. The Allies are giving it military, financial and humanitarian support… In the coming months, our unity and solidarity will be tested. Under the pressure of energy supplies and rising prices. But the price we pay is calculated in money, and the price Ukrainians pay is calculated in lives,” he stressed.

How to understand this statement? In NATO, i.e. in the United States, allow the disappearance of Ukraine from the political map, even as a conditionally independent state? What’s next? Recognize reality or continue the war with Russia on other fronts?

Returning to Ukraine, it would be interesting to make out the meaning of Stoltenberg’s words. Washington is betting on the war to the end?

– Yes, this is the Jesuit formula of NATO, which, finally, was frankly issued by the head of the alliance, – believes Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin.

– Ukraine is obliged to fight until NATO wins – in this case, NATO will keep Ukraine in the form in which the owners of NATO want it.

“SP”: Is the United States really afraid that Kyiv might capitulate, negotiate? But influenced by what? Are there lobbyists of this option in Ukraine or Europe who can put pressure on Zelensky?

“The United States is not afraid of anything, because the world scenario is in their hands. They calculate 20 + n scenarios for the development of events in the same Ukraine. And they know when Zelensky can be allowed to negotiate with the Russian Federation. In the meantime, they enjoy the slaughter of two Slavic peoples.

“SP”: The United States admits the defeat of Ukraine and its disappearance as a state. But do they still stake on a war with Russia to the last Ukrainian?

– Yes, the States have long relied on a war with Russia, not so much for the last Ukrainian, but before leaving Putin from the presidency. The United States has long considered the war with the Russian Federation in the context of the Iraqi and Libyan scenarios.
Russia, according to the plan of the United States, should capitulate in one form or another. Putin will have to leave or the Russians themselves will have to remove him. After that, the Yankees will switch to China.

“Of course, the US administration is striving for the conflict, which helps it solve important geopolitical tasks, to continue as long as possible,” I am convinced political columnist for the newspaper “2000” Dmitry Galkin.

— If it is possible to conclude a peace agreement capable of guaranteeing a lasting peace on the territory of Ukraine, then it will become difficult for Europe to be intimidated by the “Russian threat”, and it will become impossible to keep it from developing economic ties with China.

But Ukrainian society can only agree to a peace agreement if it is based on the recognition of Russia’s unconditional defeat. Therefore, the American administration can be completely calm in this regard. The politically active part of Ukrainian society will not allow an end to the military conflict. And therefore there is no need to push Zelensky from the outside.

SP: Does Zelensky have a choice? Can the US doubt that he is ready to carry out their instructions to the end? Or pressure on him too
a conditional “peace party” within the country?

– In the Ukrainian political space at present, the “Party of Peace” is not represented in any way. But there are several “war parties” at once, and some of them include politicians who are hostile to Zelensky. Therefore, even if Zelensky really wanted to, he could not conclude a peace agreement with Russia that did not provide for serious concessions from Russia.

“SP”: – Does Kyiv’s refusal to fight really mean the destruction of Ukraine as a state? Or is it horror stories?

– On the one hand, representatives of the Russian political leadership have stated several times that Russia is not going to seek the destruction of Ukraine as an independent state.

On the other hand, the US administration and its allies, including the leadership of NATO, have announced that they do not believe the statements of the Russian leadership. It is important that the US and NATO are going to base their actions on the fact that Ukraine may lose its state independence in the event of Russia’s military success. Therefore, hostilities will continue, and Ukraine will be supported, allowing it to resist.

“SP”: – The West has relied on the war with Russia to the last
Ukrainian? Are they considering any other options? Compromise impossible?

– The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is extremely beneficial for Great Britain and Poland, it strengthens the United States geopolitically and poses a serious danger to Germany’s interests. Therefore, Berlin is interested in stopping the conflict, while London and Warsaw are interested in increasing its intensity.

Washington will act depending on the circumstances, but so far they are generally satisfied with the current situation. Therefore, for now, the line to continue the conflict is winning. But this does not mean that this state of affairs will continue for a long time. In the end, the United States may agree to end the conflict if Germany agrees to make significant foreign economic and geopolitical concessions for this.

“SP”: – What if Kyiv still suffers a complete defeat, and Ukraine disappears as an entity controlled by the West? Will they prepare a new front? Where? Will the war of the West with Russia become total until the defeat of one of the parties?

– Stoltenberg clearly said that only Russia can stop hostilities. Prior to this, a similar position was expressed by representatives of the US administration.

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