Apr 26, 2021
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– America wanted to kill Lukashenka? Did not hear!

Photo: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

In the photo: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (Photo: Alexander Astafiev / POOL / TASS)

Svobodnaya Pressa continues to publish translations by authors from alternative Western media. This is far from the kind of propaganda that is printed in CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other “authoritative” media resources. If you are interested in learning more about these authors, you can take a look here.

The story of the attempted murder Lukashenka in about the same spirit as on Anwar Sadata (during the military parade), came out over the weekend, but even I am too tired to report it. However, on Monday, I wrote a fairly detailed column about this under the heading “The USA just tried to kill Lukashenko.”

More importantly, the Kremlin has fully confirmed this story, and the Russian media have discussed it in detail. It also became known that Putin and Biden during a telephone conversation, they discussed this topic (Well, isn’t it ironic? Biden called Putin a “killer”, and the same Biden tried to kill the head of a foreign state). What we are talking about here is both an act of international terrorism and a de facto act of war.

I was pretty sure that by today – Tuesday (when this text was posted – S.D.) – Western media will be busy making fun of and dismissing all this as “Russian disinformation”, but instead – nothing, not a word. United West simply ignored this information.

Even more puzzling is the complete silence in “alternative” free media and in the blogosphere …

And then there is a truly comical Czech fairy tale about how Petrov and Boshirov (the guys the British accuse of poisoning Skripals) blew up an arms depot in 2014 (!).

And again the deafening silence.

And here is the impending death Navalny Is one of the topics related to Russia that the Western media seem to be interested in.

Even RT and Sputnik seem to have been very minimal and reluctant to “cover” it (these two media have gotten so bad that I rarely even bother to read them, but that’s another story).

Today I ask: if you come across any messages discussing either the failed coup in Belarus or the Czech mental collapse, post the links in the open thread below. Maybe I missed all the “good” coverage that the “free media” of the “allied Western democracies” provided?

And finally, to show you how different sentiments are in Russia, check out this (completely unscientific) reader poll conducted by the Russian site Vzglyad (which I would call moderately patriotic, quite close to the Russian mainstream).

In plain English, this means that Russians generally reject the United States with total disgust.

They also finally persuaded the US Ambassador to “voluntarily” leave Russia (apparently, he was expecting expulsion).

But, of course, the narcissistic West will never admit that it is mostly disgusting and contemptuous of “drunken Russian savages”. All of the above will be swept aside as yet another case of “Russian disinformation” and “Kremlin propaganda”.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post urges Biden to meet with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya… If ignorance is true bliss, then the two will be in heaven together.

PS. I forgot to add that the Czech version says that the Russians blew up that armory because it was the warehouse from which the Czechs sent weapons to both the Urkonazi regime in Kiev and the “good terrorists” in Syria. Interesting, huh? Isn’t this proof that both the US and NATO actually armed both the Nazis in Ukraine and the Takfiris in Syria? As I have said many times, the united West will enter into an alliance even with the devil if he is against Russia. This is the story of 1000 years of hatred for everything Russian and / or Orthodox.

Author: Andrey Raevsky – published under the pseudonym The Saker – a blogger widely known in the West. Was born in Zurich (Switzerland). Father is Dutch, mother is Russian. Served as an analyst in the Swiss Armed Forces and in the UN research structures. He specializes in the study of post-Soviet states. Lives in Florida (USA).

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