May 6, 2022
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America throws Europe under the tracks of its own tanks, only old ones

In the photo: the ceremony of signing the contract for the supply of 250 American Abrams tanks to Poland in Warsaw.

In the photo: the ceremony of signing the contract for the supply of 250 American Abrams tanks to Poland in Warsaw. (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

The former Warsaw bloc is parting with the remnants of Soviet weapons, sending them to Ukraine in echelons. Military experts are concerned that this will lead to a flood of American weapons in Europe, depriving Brussels of even a ghostly independence.

And not only independence, but also defense – European armies will simply find themselves without weapons, which, at the behest of Washington, are given Zelensky. This is how the United States is preparing for the next Senate elections.

Defense News: Europe is already critically dependent on the Americans

Eastern European countries are sending weapons to Ukraine left over from the Cold War. But this is not at all altruism and not a desire to resist Russia. It’s part of a global deal, defense experts write Joe Gould I Sebastian Sprenger in Defense News.

The gist of the deal is simple: Eastern Europe is getting rid of Soviet weapons and getting NATO ones in return. Soviet tanks from Poland, armored infantry vehicles from Slovenia and air defense systems from Slovakia have already gone to Ukraine. Moreover, these are only those transactions that have become public. And how many other non-public agreements were there?!

The NATO arms ultimatum “undermines the already unstable structure of military procurement in Europe,” Defense News analysts say. Earlier, NATO countries agreed on the creation of heavy weapons of collective development. Now the Americans have crossed out all these plans: the poor Eastern European countries will turn not to Germany or France, but to the United States.

As a result, US hegemony undermines the principles of collective European security, experts conclude.

Take Poland, for example, with its defense budget of €12 billion. The country is to receive 250 American Abrams tanks in a deal worth nearly $5 billion. In addition, Poland was put in line to receive British Challenger 2 tanks, and the number of vehicles is unknown.

British and American tanks will go to Poland in exchange for Soviet T-72s, with which the Poles part with a light heart.

As a result, Poland, once interested in joining the German-French effort to develop the Eurotank, will now be provided with American and British tanks for decades to come, writes Defense News.

Europeans are increasing dependence on the US. After all, the received American equipment needs to be serviced, ammunition and spare parts purchased, modernized, and soldiers trained.

Thus, the cost of the “military aid packages” that the Pentagon allegedly provides to Ukraine is a fiction. In fact, this is the cost of military equipment that the United States is going to supply, including to Eastern European countries.

The true goal of the Americans is not any help to Ukraine, but “strengthening the military integration of partners with NATO.” This is stated in a secret document, which was at the disposal of Defense News.

Eurasia once: NATO weapons in Ukraine are absolutely useless

NATO countries grumble: the massive shipment of weapons to Ukraine creates security risks. After all, the states are left without weapons – deliveries from America will begin when the cancer whistles on the mountain.

For this reason, even Germany refused to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine, from which Vladimir Zelensky almost demands heavy equipment in an ultimatum form. Such deliveries will deprive the Bundeswehr of reserves.

The Germans are ready to send only obsolete weapons to Ukrainians: for example, Marder infantry fighting vehicles, which have long since been taken out of service, giving way to more modern Puma.

Moreover, as he says in an interview with the Eurasia Times, a retired lieutenant colonel Daniel Daviseven if Germany decides to part with its Marder, it will only be able to do so by the end of 2022. Instead, the Ukrainians were offered tanks … of the fifties. Which are against modern Russian weapons – like plywood houses.

Adequate military experts doubt that pumping up Ukraine with cheap weapons will help the Kyiv regime. One of these skeptics is Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis.

He absolutely rightly points out that the retraining of Ukrainian soldiers for NATO weapons will take months. Soldiers will have to be recalled from the front line, sent to training camps. And during this time, the Russian army will achieve absolute dominance.

For example, driving a new tank requires more than simply training the commander-gunner and loader-driver. But also to bring combat coordination at the level of a tank platoon, company, battalion and brigade.

The expert emphasizes that without the training of soldiers, the arms trains going to Ukraine are just propaganda tinsel. Well, when did the Americans fight differently?

For the sake of their own financial interests, the United States is ready to sacrifice the defense capability of European countries and the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. And all this under the propaganda sauce of “protection from Russia”, which is fed to the American voter on the eve of the November elections to the Senate.

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