Apr 20, 2022
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America persuades Zelensky to give air combat to Russia

America persuades Zelensky to give air combat to Russia

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Pentagon official John Kirby recently again expressed the hope that Ukraine received aircraft from other countries and this will strengthen its military potential in the air. He made this assumption at a briefing broadcast by the PBS News YouTube channel. John voiced his dreams with the words: “Ukrainians now have more fighter jets at their disposal than two weeks ago.” Kirby has already promised that the US will hand over to Ukraine 11 Russian Mi-17 multipurpose helicopters destined for Afghanistan. America specially bought them from Russia a few years ago. Now there is nowhere to go.

Sometimes people tend to wishful thinking. But if we are talking about the supply of aircraft from Europe to Ukraine, then, firstly, it will be Russian, if not Soviet-made equipment.

Secondly, they will put it in the “square” not entirely, but in parts so as not to risk being drawn into an armed conflict. And it will not be the United States that will put it, but “other countries”, which America itself … does not feel sorry for. All this was reported by RIA Novosti

Military observer Viktor Litovkin reminds that to say is not to do, and to promise is not to marry:

– Talks about the supply of as many as 70 former Soviet aircraft have been going on for a long time, but in reality everything is limited to promises. If this does happen, then deliveries will be carried out through Poland and Romania – there are no other ways. Therefore, we will wait until these promised aircraft appear in the sky of Ukraine in order to … turn them into scrap metal.

“SP”: – Does the Russian Aerospace Forces still have such an opportunity?

– Certainly. Remember that S-300 complexes were delivered from Slovakia. Near Dnepropetrovsk and Nikolaev, they were destroyed by the strikes of our high-precision sea-based Caliber missiles. It didn’t even take a day for them to be disposed of.

The Americans delivered a whole bunch of military equipment, and in the Lviv region they were eliminated on the railway tracks. They waited for everything to gather at the station, in the logistics center for distribution to the regions, and liquidated it.

I think that all other weapons that are supplied by the United States or other countries to Ukraine will also be disposed of. Yes, of course, we help these countries to get rid of old rubbish free of charge for them, nevertheless, this is happening.

“SP”: – Even old Soviet-made helicopters are dangerous. Two of them flew to our Belgorod region, violating the border, and did business, destroyed a civilian facility, set fire to fuel tanks.

– It was the case, the anti-aircraft gunners missed it. It cannot be said that in the process of a special operation there is a one-sided game – it does not happen.

“SP”: – Almost every day there are reports of the destruction of military facilities in Ukraine. Are there still military airfields there, or if additional military aircraft arrive from the West, will they be based on civilian airfields – as usual in Ukraine, hiding behind civilians? Recall that in Ukraine there are 11 civil airports in Boryspil, Lvov, Odessa and other cities.

– At the same time, various foreign politicians from Poland, the Baltic states, even the Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson came to Kyiv … by rail. And there are not so many railway lines to the west: Uzhgorod, Lviv and Lutsk. There, the cars are “changed shoes” from the European narrow gauge to the wide Russian one. Therefore, these branches must be eliminated and then not a single train will pass into the territory of Ukraine. I don’t know why our Ministry of Defense hasn’t done it yet. Apparently, there are some considerations.

“SP”: – Apparently, strikes before crossing the supplied military equipment of the western borders of Ukraine will not be applied, is this fraught?

We don’t want to start a third world war. If on approach, then only over the territory of Ukraine. Once a military transport plane was shot down, which was carrying Western military equipment already over the Odessa region. He flew safely to the territory of Ukraine, but there he was “landed”. And we will not do this over the territory of Romania …

Alas, the events in Ukraine, around this country and in the sky above it more and more resemble some kind of phantasmagoria. On the one hand, our Aerospace Forces have to shoot down, as it were, our former aircraft – Soviet-made, of which there are a fair amount in Eastern Europe. As, by the way, and the old Soviet tanks. The shortage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for T-72 tanks can also theoretically be replenished by Poland and other former Warsaw Pact countries.

On the other hand, Western speakers seem to be talking. So John Kirby from the Pentagon is combative, although he does not go into details. BUT Jane Psaki presses in his speeches on appeasement, they say, the United States does not allow the transfer of Polish MiG-29s to Ukraine, not wanting an escalation of the conflict.

But the US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria NulandAt a hearing in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress, she admitted that she allegedly accidentally saw a message about these planes from Poland – literally on the road. There were no preliminary consultations about the planned delivery. So, if something explodes in Ukraine and to the east, the Americans can say: “But we are not in the know at all!”

The chief of these two ladies, the President of the United States Joe Bidenon the contrary, it promises Vladimir Zelensky additional weapons. But by proxy – 25 states, 21 of which are NATO countries – have expressed genuine enthusiasm to supply weapons to Ukraine. It is easy and pleasant to rake in the heat with the wrong hands.

Poland is, as it were, “independent”, not officially coordinating with the United States the transfer of its MiG-29 fighters for deliveries to Ukraine. There are quite a lot of aircraft in the Polish Air Force. There is a production TS-11 “Iskra” – combat training, there are 15 of them. There are the same type of weak Italian ones. Of the serious combat Su-22s – 18, MiG-29s – 28 pieces, as well as American F16s – 48. Another 32 F-35s have been ordered.

In addition to Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and, it is possible that Bulgaria are also preparing for the supply of combat aircraft MiG-29, Su-25 and Su-24. Although the brothers did not agree on the opinion – do they need it?

That being said, another CNN source at the Pentagon — not John Kirby — is claiming America has no way to trace at all? where the weapons sent to Ukraine end up. Like a black hole! Some of these weapons may fall into the wrong hands. The information provided by Kyiv to its overseas authorities can be trusted with a big stretch. If anyone in America needs it at all.

Member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bogdan Bezpalko I am convinced that the supply of heavy weapons will not save either the Ukrainian state or the army:

“They will only make the conflict more protracted and bloody. It seems to me that this is precisely the true aim of the Western powers. For them, the main thing is to weaken Russia by prolonging the conflict, and not to save Ukraine itself.

“SP”: – Where, in your opinion, these alleged “70 aircraft” promised to Ukraine by no one knows who can be based? There are airfields in Ukraine. In general, there were two dozen main military airfields and six spare ones. Including Chernobaevka, notorious for Ukrainian fakes. In addition, there were airfields that remained after the collapse of the Union, but some of them were dismantled, and some did not have time. So, for example, the former airfield of long-range aviation Arkis in the Odessa region was used by the local flying club.

– For Ukraine, the problem is not where these aircraft will be based, but that they will inevitably be destroyed, no matter before or after they appear in the combat zone – and destroyed along with weapons and crews. And if a couple of such planes crash, the rest are unlikely to risk crossing Ukrainian airspace.

Although – at the level of rumors – there was information that Ukrainian planes took off from the territory of Romania. And even the death of the cruiser “Moskva” is associated by some with this. After all, our ship, using its powerful radar, could track planes taking off from there. So about a dozen Ukrainian aircraft were shot down. So the death of our flagship is associated not only with the desire to change the information agenda, but also with purely practical issues, with the desire to destroy the technical means of tracking aircraft based in Romania …

Of course, all crimes committed by irresponsible people on the territory of Ukraine will sooner or later be given a legal assessment. Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has already instructed to summarize and systematize the testimonies of the detained Ukrainian servicemen, military personnel from the US, Great Britain and other states.

Even sending to Ukraine a batch of hundreds of so-called loitering ammunition, Switchblade drones of the American company AeroVironment, will not help. US military aid will cost another $300 million. These kamikaze drones don’t need airfields at all. But, of course, they will also go astray like the Turkish Bayraktars.

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