Feb 23, 2021
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America merges the Middle East

America merges the Middle East

Joe Biden is too tired of the long-term Middle Eastern epic.

Sensational news comes from Washington that Biden has stopped paying attention to the Middle East. So far, he has only spoken on the phone with one of the leaders of the region. It was Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. And then he did it because of accusations of neglecting America’s main Middle East ally, until the last he delayed the conversation with the Israeli for more than three weeks.

Biden ordered an end to support for the Saudi invasion of Yemen and froze the supply of American weapons to the region. The current Washington administration has reacted with surprising restraint to a missile strike by pro-Iranian forces on a US coalition base in northern Iraq.

“The Middle East is no longer a priority in American politics,” says one of Biden’s allies. “PoliticoWrites that the first place in importance is the Pacific Asian region, followed by Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

Another informal adviser to Biden claims that the US president is trying very hard not to get involved in the Middle East events. This region has lost its significance for the United States as the main source of energy resources, especially since Biden intends to develop “green” energy. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed rumors that the Middle East is losing its priority. Middle Eastern experts remain out of work, now experts on China are in demand in the White House.

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