Jun 4, 2022
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America hints at easing sanctions in exchange for “Sarmatians”

In the photo: Russian ground-based silo-based missile system RS-28 "Sarmat"

In the photo: the Russian ground-based missile system RS-28 “Sarmat” (Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS)

U.S. does not rule out using anti-Russian sanctions as a bargaining tool to advance nonproliferation dialogue, assistant secretary of state says Mallory Stewart.

“I think there are various reasons for sanctions, but if there is a possibility that sanctions will help us to have a dialogue in good faith, it would be a useful application of them,” she said at a conference in Washington, noting that this effect has already been achieved in relation to others countries.

That is, they will offer us to lift some sanctions in exchange for accepting their conditions? Or will they say that they will not introduce new ones? And they want a lot – in particular, they are very frightened by the fact that Russia has hypersonic weapons, which they want to prescribe in the new version of the treaty.

Recall that START-3, the only Russian-American nuclear weapons control regime, was extended by the presidential administration Joe Biden for five years in the very first days of his being in power. This suggests that the future of the treaty is extremely important for the Americans. However, the current contract expires in 2026.

As Stewart said on Thursday, the United States is interested in maintaining treaty limits on Russian nuclear arsenals beyond 2026 and intends to seek limits on “new types” of weapons, including tactical ones. Russia and the United States began agreeing on the parameters of a future agreement, but interrupted the dialogue after the start of a special operation in Ukraine.

Washington is willing to consider a new round of strategic dialogue with Moscow, but wants “proof of its good faith approach,” a State Department spokesman said.

And they themselves, I wonder what evidence of their conscientious approach can provide? And can the promises of sanctions be trusted? Or is this a “wire” to force us to disarm unilaterally?

The US continues to speak to us in language Trumpdespite the fact that Biden is the head of the White House, – believes military political scientist, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Alexander Perendzhiev.

– Official Washington, as during the previous president, offers us to make a deal. That is, to follow the path of not frankly political and economic bargaining. It turns out that we are offered to “buy” anti-Russian sanctions as serious concessions in the START-3 negotiations. But the sanctions themselves are a very obscure commodity. After all, they can be canceled and immediately reintroduced. That is, the “product” is very fraudulent.

“SP”:How will it look like? Will they offer to lift sanctions in exchange for our agreement to a new reduction in missiles? Or threaten to introduce new ones?

– If it looks like this, then the START-3 negotiations will simply not take place. We cannot go for outright fraudulent schemes to ensure our national security. Therefore, the sanctions themselves, as an object of negotiations on START-3, we will immediately reject without any conditions. That is, sanctions and START-3 are incompatible for us. This is how we will respond to official Washington.

“SP”: Such an effect has already been achieved in other countries, Stewart said. With whom and when?

– Perhaps Stewart means Libya and the head of the Libyan Jamahiriya Muammar Gaddafi. But everyone knows what happened to Libya and Gaddafi himself as a result of such a deal. Therefore, I am talking about the fraud of the West in such cases, the fate of Libya and its national leader only confirms this conclusion.

“SP”: By the way, what reduction do they expect from us? What missiles and how many? How acceptable is this for us?

– Of course, we are talking about Caliber missiles, as well as hypersonic missiles. The wish of the United States, most likely, is that they be completely eliminated. We certainly won’t go for it.

The situation is developing in such a way that the START-3 treaty in the current conditions is more beneficial for the United States than for Russia.

Of course, they will demand a limit on Sarmat missiles, which especially frighten them.

“SP”: Judging by the fact that Biden signed the START-3 extension right off the bat, are they very interested in it? So we can dictate terms too? Which?

– Russia will not put forward any conditions, but together with the United States will determine the object and subject of negotiations. So official Moscow has always done. And this time our country will act in a similar way. Putting forward any conditions is a degradation of the system of the negotiation process and the entire system of international relations, which will seriously undermine the foundations of international security, which are not in the best shape anyway. Setting conditions is the policy of barbarians and savages. And Russia is a civilized modern country.

“Stuart, apparently, is referring to the example of Iran, against which sanctions were imposed,” suggests Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin.

“But he did not have a nuclear weapon, and sanctions were imposed to prevent it from appearing.

As for START-3, it expires by 2026, so the fact that the United States is now raising this issue has nothing to do with the problem of its renegotiation. The task of raising this issue right now is to put the topic of nuclear weapons on the agenda of the world media. Now just this topic is being actively promoted: Russia and personally Putin accused of intending to use nuclear weapons in case of failure in Ukraine. And from different sides, such discourses are launched – to show that the situation is unstable.

In my opinion, Russia will not conduct any negotiations with the United States on nuclear weapons until 2026.

Russia will talk to the United States only in one case: if they stop supporting the Ukrainian regime and get out of there, only then will the ground arise for us to discuss the conditions for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons with them. Until that time, all this is imitation, camouflage on the American side, some tricks and the desire to warm up the topic of nuclear weapons in the Western media.

“SP”: What can we agree to? And what do you want in return?

– During the period of the NWO, Russia should not agree to any conditions of the American side at all, including those related to sanctions. Russia formulated its demands in December last year. They spit on these proposals, moreover, they provoked the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, today they are actually waging a war against Russia, which American officials often let slip. What kind of negotiations can there be with them when they recognize themselves as opponents of Russia? We can only put forward our conditions to them. They are known.

Today all these talks are meaningless and fruitless. This is an American game. We just need to be patient and ignore the American games.

“The recent actions of the United States, including in the indomitable replication of anti-Russian sanctions, are in many ways a demonstration of the lack of imagination among the American establishment,” believes Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Financial University under the Government of Russia Dmitry Yezhov.

– The very appearance of the idea of ​​using sanctions against Russia to bargain for the extension of the START-3 treaty in these conditions can hardly be called surprising. At the same time, recent events show that not everything happens according to the wishes of the United States. As you know, the sanctions imposed in response to the start of a special military operation in Ukraine were conceived by the American elites as a tool to destroy the Russian economy, however, it soon became clear that they had the opposite effect, up to a significant drop in the S&P 500 index.

The fact that the dialogue on START must continue is quite obvious, first of all, because at the moment the START-3 treaty is actually the only instrument of arms control. Moreover, Moscow has repeatedly declared the principled position regarding the inadmissibility of nuclear war.

However, it should be understood that all attempts to put forward conditions in the form of an ultimatum on the part of the United States are unlikely to be successful, and whether the American authorities are ready for a constructive and full-fledged dialogue on this issue, and not from positions of strength, is a big question.

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