Apr 29, 2022
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America can throw Europe

America can throw Europe

Europe may face a situation where the White House administration loses interest in the Ukrainian crisis and turns its attention to domestic problems.

Apparently, ordinary Americans no longer want to hear about Ukraine lost in the wild “Siberian steppes” and demand that the president save his country from inflation and rising energy and fuel prices.

The European colony of the United States is waiting for clarification, but in return receives only a promise to help provide energy resources. Brussels is very concerned about the possible collapse of the Biden administration. The worst thing is to be alone in the fight against Russia.

Politico writes that the White House is concerned about polls showing the president’s falling ratings, people accused him of not feeling the pain of his people. The ruling Democratic Party is rapidly losing support. The popularity of those few media that criticize the actions of the authorities is growing. Democratic Party experts admit that voters are tired of Ukraine and ask why we send money abroad. Biden has not yet explained how he intends to fight inflation. Now the president’s aides are trying to draw his attention to household chores, which he clearly does not want to do.

In order to stop inflation and the energy crisis, Biden must lift the anti-Russian sanctions that are leading the West to financial disaster. But how can he refuse the cause of his life – the war with Russia? But the Americans no longer want to hear him boast about how he rallied the whole world in the fight against Putin.

People indignantly ask if the Pentagon knows where the American weapons supplied to Ukraine go, where they fall like a black hole, and then float up in the hands of the fighters of the armies of Donbass. CNN cites an admission by a US intelligence source that they have no idea what happens to US weapons systems once they fall into Ukrainian hands.

The Pentagon admits that they have no data on the real losses of Ukraine, which are hidden by Kyiv. Most of all, Americans are concerned that Switchblade drone systems could fall into the wrong hands. “We do not keep records of their use and do not know where they are. We may never know how they used them, ”the Pentagon admitted. The United States is taking into account the likelihood that some of the weapons sent to Ukraine will end up on the black market.

Nikolay Ivanov.

Photo: AP/TASS

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