Oct 16, 2020
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Ambassador of the Russian Federation: without extending the START Treaty, a period of unpredictability will begin in the world

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said that Russia considers the immediate extension of the Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms (START) without any preconditions, TASS reports with reference to the embassy.

Antonov also expressed the hope that the United States will pursue a policy "that will not be aimed at gaining military superiority over Russia."

He added that Moscow is confident that with the disappearance of START in 2021, "a period of unpredictability will begin and the risk of using nuclear weapons will increase."

Antonov noted that the Russian Federation did everything possible to avoid such a scenario.

The Russian Ambassador recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin in September in a video message at the UN General Assembly session emphasized that the START issue must be resolved promptly.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow and Washington are not yet on the verge of a START treaty.

The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, assessing the situation with the Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms, also noted that agreements with the United States have not yet been reached.

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