Dec 28, 2020
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Amazing DIY home design

The hand made theme has become so popular that even people far from needlework begin to create simply amazing things for the house with their own hands. And most importantly, this activity can not only diversify the dull everyday life, but also significantly save the family budget. A flower pots “knitted” from the threads of an old sweater or chair covers made from a grandmother’s bedspread will cost almost free. But the pleasure in the process of creativity will be received so much that it cannot be compared in a trip even to the most expensive store of designer goods.

Bottle table

All ingenious is simple

This is exactly what I want to say when looking at things created from scrap materials. Every day we use forks and spoons, not suspecting that they can find many more original uses.

  • Disposable plastic spoons make very bright and unexpected lights. And all you need to do is take a bottle from under the water, stick “scoops” of spoons on it with a herringbone, insert a light bulb inside and hang it from the ceiling. It’s an evening of work, and you can invite guests under a lampshade for a friendly tea party.
  • Why not make a picture out of spoons? You just need to find a suitable frame, insert a backing there, cover it with burlap and stick the “exhibits” in any order. They can be left unchanged, painted white, aged with sandpaper – there are more than enough options.
  • Thinking of making doorknobs out of spoons is the height of creativity. Although in fact the manufacturing technique is as simple as possible. Bend with an arc, drill holes for fastening and screw at the required distance from the floor.
  • Forks may well play the role of holders for kitchen “reminders”. After all, it costs nothing to stick them on the wall in a checkerboard layout or under a ruler, so that later paper notes can be inserted between the teeth.
  • An egg stand made of a fork is really an original idea, the embodiment of which actually requires only a little physical effort. Simply twist the long part into a semicircle so that the base stands firmly on a horizontal surface, and then move the teeth in different directions. The morning soft-boiled egg will “sit” in the formed hollow.

Designer crafts from plastic spoons

Country motives

Old car tires have long been the starting material for various crafts. The most common use prepared for rubber second-hand is flower beds and suburban mini-pools. But the intrigues of fantasy do not end with these options.

How about transforming the tires into comfortable and highly original ottomans? It is enough to wash them thoroughly, paint them in the desired color and put soft pillows of suitable diameter on top. Of course, such “freethinking” will not work for an interior in a strict classical style, but for a youth apartment or a hostel – getting into the top ten.

Dining room and staircase made of tires

Tire steps are the case when there is a lot of recyclable materials, free time and desire to work. It is realistic to make a real staircase in a summer cottage with your own hands, even without special knowledge in construction. Moreover, the “construction” will perform not only a purely functional role, but also serve as an element of garden decor.

The tires are also suitable for building a children’s sandbox. Why not? The main thing is to install it in a convenient place and do not forget about the sun umbrella. It will perfectly “enter” the sand in the middle and create a shadow.

What can be made from tires

Second life of old furniture

How often do we face the problem when it is a pity to throw out some old things, but there is absolutely no need to keep them. This dilemma leads to the fact that houses are “born” whole mountains of rubbish, which interfere not only with cleaning, but also clutter up the living space. If you have a grandmother’s chest of drawers or a drawer, born in Soviet times, take him to the country house and give him a second life.

  • Luxurious flower stands are made from heavy secretaries and sideboards. You just need to fantasize a little and go beyond your standard thinking. For example, pull out boxes in a cascading order from floor to top, fill them with earth, and then plant flowers or green plants there. Looks amazing!
  • An unnecessary wooden tub can, with the light hand of an energetic “DIY”, can become a designer washbasin. How? It’s very simple. Cut out a hole in the upper base for a sink, install a mixer, connect it to the water supply system and voila – an impromptu moidodyr is ready.

New life of old things

  • Birch logs will be a good service not only in the stove, but also for architect’s “pen tests”. If you glue them together along a certain trajectory, you get an original chaise lounge. On this you can take a break from workdays with a book in hand or hold a colorful photo session.
  • An old drawer is perfect for making a miniature bar counter. The dividing sections can be used as shelves for storing glasses and drinks, and the flap wall becomes a convenient table for drinking cocktails. The structure is attached to any vertical surface with dowels, and the table is attached to the wall and closed with a hook.

Eco design for home

Ideas for flower beds

Good summer residents do not lose a single old thing in vain. Even on the notorious six hundred square meters, you can make a real flower paradise, and for this you do not need to invite eminent landscape designers and pay them crazy money for the project.

  • The story, when a non-working bike turns into a luxurious flower bed, is not new. But she always serves as a win-win option for decorating the infield – cheap and cheerful. And also beautiful. One has only to paint “lisapet” in a bright color, place baskets for pots, and you can plant petunias or pansies.
  • The owners of the famous “humpbacked” Cossacks or Muscovites, who are long overdue for the dump, can be given a chance to show themselves in a new light. Why not arrange a real vegetable garden inside the car, planting cucumbers, zucchini or pumpkins? The place where the hood used to be is ideal for setting up a flower garden. You just need to choose the right soil, fill up the voids and plant seedlings. The car itself can be decorated in some cheerful colors, thereby creating a bright spring-summer mood.

Flower beds - bicycles and cars

  • The leaky shoes will not remain idle either. Moreover, the more retrospective they look, the more interesting the improvised flower garden will be. Pink high-heeled shoes, grandma’s galoshes, and rubber boots will also be used – you can endlessly fantasize here. As well as coming up with “locations” for newly made flower beds. Suddenly, brutal work boots will be standing, for example, in the middle of an artificial pond, and full of holes crocs nailed to the fence with sticking out bushes of begonias or daisies.
  • Only the most creative amateur gardeners will think of equipping an iron bed with a net for a flower arrangement. And, in fairness, that such an idea has every chance of approval. It looks very beautiful and unusual, and from expensive materials you only need the bed itself and the earth for planting flowers. You can put this “installation” anywhere – it will stand out everywhere against the background of the rest of the exterior and attract attention.

How to make a flower garden from old things

Home decor

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to allocate an n-th amount of money from the family budget to buy some interesting interior decoration items. But it is these seemingly insignificant little things that give individuality to the standard setting. Vases, candlesticks, photo frames, wall panels – all this stuff is quite possible to do with your own hands. And if you don’t have your own thoughts on this, then the Internet can help in a blog endeavor. Fortunately, it is simply overflowing with various master classes and tips on needlework – just have time to try.

  • Are you planning a trip to the sea in the near future? Then don’t forget to bring some sea pebbles from there. They will make a chic eco-style bathroom rug, which in parallel will become an excellent foot massager. Whole pictures can be laid out of pebbles, creating images of animals, plants, people – in a word, any images that just come to mind.
  • Macrame. A good old way of home decor. A little forgotten in the past, but gaining momentum in recent years. All you need is a crochet hook, thread and patience. A couple of evenings, and here on the wall is already flaunting an original panel or pots for a flower pot.

Pebble rugs, macrame

  • If there are burnt-out light bulbs on the farm, do not rush to throw them away. Original decorative pendants will come out of them, which can become a decoration of any interior. You can pour a little sand, small pebbles inside the glass cavity and “plant” an artificial bunch of flowers, a cactus or a butterfly in the soil. Hang ready-made mini-vases on a wall, a chandelier or a table lamp, a Christmas tree – most importantly, in a conspicuous place.
  • A rustic-style rug will evoke nostalgia even among the most “inveterate” city dwellers who cannot imagine their life outside the walls of stone metropolises. And, nevertheless, in the soul of each of them there is a glimmer of desire to give up everything and go to nature, where air, sun, space and smell of grandmother’s pies. The most interesting thing is that it is not at all difficult to weave a variegated track or a chair cover with your own hands. Moreover, this activity perfectly calms the nerves, develops imaginative thinking and distracts from unpleasant thoughts.

Interesting ideas for home design

  • You can knit a sweater not only for yourself or your husband, but also for tea cups. You come to the kitchen, take such a “beauty” in your hand, and the winter no longer seems too long and frosty. The house smells of comfort and the scent of bergamot. Warm, good and calm.
  • Sofa cushions are classics of the genre. Whichever option is chosen for needlework, any of them will be successful. It can be patchwork technique, embroidery in different styles, appliqués from felt, photo printing – there are a lot of options. An additional plus is that children can be involved in the creative process. As a result, everyone will be happy – the sofa will receive a new pillow, and the child will not be bored.

Sweater for cup, pillows

  • Decoupage. Probably the most fashionable trend in the direction of hand made. The technique is used to decorate tableware, furniture, walls and ceilings, doors, garden fences and everything else that can come to hand. Thanks to decoupage, even the most colorless, old and boring things suddenly take on a completely new look, changing beyond recognition. Yesterday there was a dilapidated bookcase in the corner, smelling of mothballs, and today it is already a real art object in retro style. It is not a shame not only to put it in the center of the room, but even to put it up for sale.
  • Mosaic. Here, of course, one cannot do without certain skills and abilities. But everything can be learned, there would be a desire and time. And the expended efforts will be more than replenished when you see the result of your work. Mosaics are usually decorated with coffee and dining tables, interior doors, country verandas, fragments of floors. Pictures are assembled from pieces of multi-colored glass, vases, flower pots and other interior objects are decorated.

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