Sep 8, 2022
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Alsu shared a photo with her grown-up daughter – the birthday girl


Singer Alsu touchingly congratulated her eldest daughter Safina on her 16th birthday.

Alsou is a famous singer. She has been performing on stage for many years. It is noteworthy that the artist boasts that at the age of 39 she has a slender figure and a youthful appearance. Fans have been surprised more than once that she has not changed much over the years. The star also continues to perform in public and participate in TV shows, but she is a rare guest at social events.

Alsou went on vacation last summer. She also managed to attend several holiday concerts. And the singer devotes her free time to walking with friends. She can be seen in a dress or suit, as well as in skinny jeans.

It is not surprising that her heirs are used to dressing with a needle. On September 7, the artist congratulated her eldest daughter Safina on her birthday. This time Alsu posted pictures with the birthday girl.

Alsu with her daughter Safina
Alsu with her daughter Safina

In the first photo, the singer in an elegant azure mini dress hugged Safina while sitting on a boat. They enjoyed a river trip around St. Petersburg. The artist’s heiress was in a pink linen suit. It is noteworthy that they had the same delicate makeup.

In the second photo, Alsou was already in a snow-white suit. A wraparound jacket with a belt and puffed sleeves added a feminine touch to the look. But her daughter was in a more classic suit of a natural grassy shade.

Alsu with her daughter Safina
Alsu with her daughter Safina

So 16 years have flown by “as one day”! I remember every detail about our first meeting with you on 09/07/2006 at 6:40 am. It was the first happiest day of my life! And today, you are already a real lady! There is so much intelligence, grace, modesty, kindness and humanity in you. I never cease to thank the Almighty for having you with us.
Being your mother is a real happiness! May life always smile at you. Be healthy and happy, Safinochka! We love you very much“, — wrote the star.

Recall that the artist also has two more children: daughter Mikella and son Raphael.

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