Jun 3, 2022
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Alsu in honor of the holiday shared a picture with three children


Singer Asu published a photo with two daughters and a grown son the day before, on Children’s Day.

Alsou shared a rare shot where she enjoys a family idyll with children. Alsou has been performing on stage for many years. The singer has long been happily married to businessman Yan Abramov. Their heirs are growing up: Safina, Mikella and son Raphael, who is only five years old. If the star even goes out with her daughters, then she hides the youngest heir from the public.

More recently, Alsou explained to fans why she had never shown her son Rafael to the general public: “I was tormented with questions about my son. The world saw both Mikella and Safina when they were five years old. I’m not ready to show my youngest child right now. This is the whole secret – I did not hide it anywhere. It’s just too small for now. When he grows up and wants to say hello to everyone, then he will do it“.

And on Children’s Day, the singer delighted fans and published a unique picture with her daughters and son.

Alsu with children
Alsou with children – Instagram archive (prohibited organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

If Mikella and Safina were nearby, then little Rafael climbed onto his mother, knocking him to the floor. He was wearing a striped T-shirt and shorts. His hair was styled to the side.

The soul is healed next to the children. May all the children of our planet be healthy and happy“, the singer wished.

Fans were delighted with how daughters look like mom. They were also struck by the son of the singer. And also how young the mother looks – the same age as her daughters.
You look and wonder when you just had time to give birth? Just a young girl”, “How beautiful all the girls are”, “How the son grew up”, “And what a young mother”, “Three children! Wow. You won’t believe‘, fans commented.

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