Jan 2, 2022
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Alsou’s thinner husband has noticeably changed


The youngest daughter of the singer Alsou shared a New Year’s family photo, congratulating everyone on the New Year.

Singer Alsou rarely shares joint photos with her husband Yan Abramov on the social network, which every now and then provokes rumors of a divorce from a businessman. However, advice and love still reign in the star family, and they spent the New Year together, which was confirmed by the youngest daughter of the artist Mikella.

On her Instagram, the girl, who decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a singer, posted a festive photo with her parents and older sister Safina, taken, apparently, abroad. Internet users drew attention to the wife of Alsou and how much he has changed, so that he began to resemble either Sergei Lazarev or the comic book hero Anthony Stark performed by Robert Downey Jr.

Alsou and Yan Abramov with their daughters
Alsou and Yan Abramov with their daughters

Happy New Year 2022 from our family, yours ♥ ️“, – signed the photo of Mikella Abramov.

🔥Yan handsome ”,“ Thought Lazarev🤣 ”,“ Yan lost so much weight! Happy New Year! “,” Our daddy Tony Stark “,” And this is not Yan Abramov?“, – Mikella’s subscribers admire and are surprised.

The surprise of users can be understood, because everyone remembers the businessman as a well-fed man, and now he has lost extra pounds, has become slim, fit and has lost his beard and mustache.

Recall that Alsou married Abramov in 2006 and for 16 years of marriage she managed to give him three children: daughters Mikella and Safina and son Raphael, whose face his parents stubbornly hide. Currently, the spouses hardly appear together in public, which causes a lot of gossip. And about three years ago, there were reports of celebrity divorce.

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