Sep 16, 2022
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Alsou was captured in the bathroom in a bathrobe and without makeup


39-year-old singer Alsu showed herself in her natural form without any embellishment.

Alsu is a mother of many children. She has daughters Safina and Mikella, as well as a son Rafael. The pop diva gave the kids to businessman Yan Abramov. Over the years of marriage, the artist has not changed at all. She looks almost the same age as her eldest daughter. But Alsou is 39 years old! She can give odds even to young soloists without resorting to the help of plastic surgeons.

The singer shared an honest shot while posing in the bathroom. Alsou was struck by her washed face without a drop of makeup. At the same time, the wife of Yana Abramova appeared in the frame in a fluffy bathrobe. “For the sake of decency, I could grow old”, “I haven’t changed at all since the 2000s”, “Young”, “I’m not at all drawn to forty years”, — wrote the followers.

At the same time, Alsu shared her beauty secrets, making it clear how she manages to remain so attractive, as if she had settled in a freezer.

Alsu in a bathrobe without makeup
Alsu in a bathrobe without makeup

Autumn has come so unexpectedly and quickly! I talked a lot about how much I love summer and tanning, but, alas, as everyone knows, this leads to dry skin and the appearance of age spots on the face.

Every year, after the end of sunny warm days, I begin to actively engage in skin care and restoration. We do not forget that the heating season is ahead of us, so the approach should be comprehensive and aimed at simultaneous nutrition and renewal.

After a good skin cleansing, which I recently talked about, I definitely use a serum and a nourishing cream. Serum with vitamin B3 has long been registered in my cosmetic bag, and after the cream with collagen, the skin is just velvet.

Autumn for the artist is still the time for a large number of filming, concerts and meetings, so a more even skin tone and texture will come in handy. So, autumn will pass in a good mood! What do you wish“, – said Alsu.

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