Aug 6, 2022
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Alsou showed a youthful mother-birthday girl


39-year-old singer Alsu shared a rare photo of Razia Iskhakovna’s mother, accompanying him with congratulations.

Alsou grew up in a friendly family of Ralif and Razia Safins. The artist’s father was vice president of the Lukoil oil company, and he also served as a senator from the Republic of Altai. Razia Safina worked as an architect. Alsou has three more brothers: Ruslan, Marat and Renard.

The singer herself created a large family. Alsou married businessman Yan Abramov in 2006. In marriage, the daughters of Safina and Mikella, the son of Raphael, were born. The singer rarely shares family shots. But today she posted a photo of her mother. Razia Iskhakovna appeared in a snow-white outfit and posed at the table. Alsou touchingly congratulated her mother, who turned 68 years old.

Razia Safina is Alsou's mother.
Razia Safina is Alsou’s mother.

Happy birthday, Mamik. You have many of us, and you have only one. Be healthy and just be”, — signed photo Alsou. Marina Gazmanova joined in the congratulations. “Alsu, hug your mom! Always a beautiful flower!“- wrote the wife of Oleg Gazmanov.

Alsu’s fans also congratulated her mother. “Happy birthday. Health and long life!”, “Mom is beautiful”, “How beautiful she is, lovely”, “Such a beautiful mother that she fell in love!”, “We must appreciate every moment spent with mom”, “Now it’s clear from whom Alsu eternal youth”, “You have wonderful genes in the female line”, “Strong blood!”, “You can see who you are such a beauty”, “Stately woman”, “She is 68? I can’t believe it at all”, “Age bypasses your mother”, “Everyone should look like this at this age”, “She is your fashionista. Very stylish”, “And not to call a grandmother”, — said the subscribers.

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