Jan 6, 2022
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Alsou shared a joint photo with her daughters


38-year-old singer Alsou arranged an unusual photo session with her daughters.

The performer of the hit “Sometimes” is a mother with many children. Together with her husband, businessman Yan Abramov, the singer is raising three children: 15-year-old Safina, 13-year-old Mikella and 5-year-old Raphael. If a pop star shows his daughters to the public from time to time, then he prefers to hide the face of the baby son.

Alsou spends New Year’s holidays with his family. This time, the artist and her daughters starred in bright outfits.

Alsou with daughters
Alsou with daughters

It turned out very patriotic“, – Alsou noted coquettishly. “Chrysalis“, – Angelica Revva was the first to comment. “Daddy’s daughters are a copy, no one looks like mom ”,“ Of course, no one will jump mommy in beauty. This is how nature tried. Alsou is an extraordinary beauty! ”,“ The girls are so big ”,“ How quickly the daughters grew up, what a beautiful and young mother ”,“ Beauties girls, you look like an older sister next to your daughters ”,“ Who is a mother, and who is a daughter ?“- subscribers write.

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