Sep 14, 2020
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Already Orthodox Christians in Ukraine need an educational program about the Russian world

And the rest of the Russian world - an educational program about the state of Orthodoxy in Ukraine

The official body of the Verkhovna Rada "Voice of Ukraine" called the Pochaev Lavra "an outpost of the Russian world." Which, in the opinion of the editorial board and the audience of the newspaper, is a sign of absolute evil. It would not be worth paying attention to this, if the referring to the Russian world of the monastery of the Russian Church (and the UOC-MP is part of the ROC) did not anger the whole Union of Orthodox Journalists.

It is clear that only general denazification will correct the peresian inhabitants, but if new generations of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine tremble at the sight of this phrase, it is time to carry out educational work at least among them - what is the Russian world and where did it come from. By the way, they are the fruits of the activities of both the Synodal Department for Youth Affairs of the UOC (MP) and the Information Department with its rhetoric that the UOC, they say, has nothing to do with the Moscow Patriarchate.

It seems that it is too early to load the collective intelligence of the Ukrainian young bishops (who heads these departments) and the overgrowth of Orthodox journalism nurtured by them with the sacred meanings of the concept "Russian World". So let's start with a simple chronological presentation of the facts. Namely, from the monument of the pre-Mongol era - "Words for the Renewal of the Tithe Church" ...

The fact is that in the first Kiev cathedral there were the relics of St. Clement, the Pope, brought by the Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir from Chersonesos. At the celebrations dedicated to the next renovation of the temple (even before the capture of Kiev by Batu in 1240, it was subjected to partial destruction several times), the "Word ..." was pronounced, which, in particular, says: “This is how Christ created our God, so that this church sun is His saint, and our patron, the Holy Hieromartyr Clement, came from Rome to Kherson, and from Kherson to our Russian country (yes, not Ukrainian. - D.S.) for the salvation of us, the faithful ... Therefore, we also glorify and praise and bow in the Trinity to the glorified God, thanks to His faithful servant, who multiplied the talent of his master not only in Rome, but also in Kherson, and in everything Russian world... " (highlighted here and below by me. - D.S.).

Prominent Church historian, culturologist and philologist E.E. Golubinsky came to the conclusion that the "Word for the Renewal of the Tithe Church" belongs to the pen of St. Cyril of Turov, Bishop of the Kiev Metropolitanate (the very one from which the Union of Orthodox Journalists now receives its blessing for the labors).

However, the outstanding preacher and theologian of the Middle Ages should not be considered the author of the concept "Russian world". As the outstanding church writer of our time, the head of the press service of the UOC (MP) Vasily Anisimov, showed, the author of the Lay ... used this term as a long-established one.

By the way, one of the authors of the "literary Little Russian dialect" Panteleimon Kulish also attributed attributed the literature of medieval Russia to the "primitive Russian world." She, in his opinion, was edifying: our first scribes and chroniclers denounced the crimes of the commandments of Christ and, on the contrary, glorified ascetic adherence to them.

Portrait of Panteleimon Kulish by Taras Shevchenko

Portrait of Panteleimon Kulish by Taras Shevchenko

Kulish's contemporaries and tribesmen in Austria-Hungary, creating the political party Russka Rada in 1870, appealed to the people through the Lviv newspaper Slovo: “We cannot further separate ourselves from our brothers by the Chinese wall and reject the linguistic, literary, religious and ethnic ties that connect us to everything. the Russian world... We are no longer Rusyns in 1848, we are real Russians "...

In 1866, the Galician educator, the future publisher of the organ of the same name of the "Russian Rada" Ivan Grigorievich Naumovich (originally a minister of the union, served in a Lviv prison and was personally excommunicated from the "church" by the Pope for his benevolence to Orthodoxy) wrote: “Rus Galician, Ugorsk, Kiev, Moscow, Tobolsk, etc. from the point of view of ethnographic, historical, linguistic, literary, ritual - this is one and the same Rus ... We cannot separate from our brothers with a Chinese wall and abandon the language, literary and popular connection with all the Russian world"...

Father John Naumovich is already an Orthodox priest in the village.  Borschagovka near Kiev

Father John Naumovich is already an Orthodox priest in the village. Borschagovka near Kiev

In 1910, a deputy of the Galician Sejm and the Austrian Parliament N.I. Antonevich, a future prisoner of the Talerhof, the first concentration camp in Europe (organized exclusively for Carpathian Rusyns who refused to give up their Russian name), recalled that "Statement of the pok. Naumovich on national unity Russian world adopted at one time in the Vienna parliament without any objection, just like my remarks about our idea, which were repeatedly made in the Lviv Diet "...

And a century later, today, this very Russian world, praised by the ancient Russian saints and Carpathian enlighteners, is "prohibited" by the Ukrainian court at the suit of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

And the same definition of the Ministry of Justice qualifies as a violation of the Constitution of Ukraine ... support for canonical Orthodoxy. So all that remains is to congratulate the "Orthodox journalists" - they are in a worthy company.

PS And the Orthodox of the Russian Federation can only be reminded that a couple more generations of such Ukrainian co-religionists (not to mention the bulk of the population) and the holy place occupied by the Nazis, "where the Russian Land came from", will be lost for the Russian world forever.

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