Dec 28, 2020
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Alone at home: how Russian politicians will celebrate the New Year COVID-19 forces deputies to leave the city for the holidays, go into the woods and poison jokes

New Year is traditionally a family holiday that Russians are ready to celebrate despite the coronavirus pandemic. The results of opinion polls showed that 82% of citizens will meet the offensive of 2021 at home. As found out, most of the Russian politicians are going to arrange a celebration in the circle of those closest to them.

The vast majority of Russians (82%) plan to meet the offensive of 2021 at home, it says in a study by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM). Only 5% of those surveyed will go to visit on New Year’s Eve, another 4% will go to the country.

The results of a survey conducted in December indicate that more than half of compatriots have already decided on their New Year plans: 74% of respondents do not plan to go anywhere, every fourth intends to go to another city / village (24%) and only 1% – abroad. During the New Year holidays, 32% of the study participants will sit at home, 30% are going to walk in nature, 23% will visit, and 21% will skate, ski and sled. Every fifth Russian said that he plans to work.

Russian politicians also prefer to celebrate 2021 with a narrow family circle, rather than in foreign resorts or in noisy companies. His press secretary usually talks about the Russian president’s New Year plans, but this time Vladimir Putin himself answered this question.

At home– said the head of state at the annual big press conference.

Meeting the New Year will be a family holiday for the chairmen of both chambers of the Russian parliament. As learned, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin will celebrate the 2021st home with his family.

The head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko also does not betray traditions.

Valentina MatvienkoValentina Matvienko

I also won’t say anything new, I never change traditions – also at home, also with family and friends, – she told reporters, answering a question from

The speaker of the Federation Council is confident that the majority of Russians will celebrate the holiday “spiritually, at home, comfortably.”

Nobody canceled the New Year, and, fortunately, people have not changed their attitude towards the New Year due to the pandemic. But the pandemic has nothing to do with it, since for most of our citizens, for my acquaintances, friends, it was not something exotic, it was always a family, home holiday. Everyone will be at home. You don’t need many guests – relatives and friends, your own, proven ones.

Valentina Matvienko

Federation Council chairman

In addition, the head of the upper house of parliament reassured the Russians, saying that the situation with the coronavirus pandemic in Russian regions is manageable.

There is no reason for any panic, fear: now everything will be closed. I will not name the countries when they are not allowed to leave their own apartments. These are the grounds, there are no such alarm bells yet.– she stressed.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov, in response to the pandemic, is preparing a collection of jokes “Coronavirus”, and he will celebrate the holiday with a home concert with his family.

I celebrate the New Year with my family, I congratulate my friends, classmates. My relatives and grandchildren are preparing their home concert. I write and teach poetry, I also read something to them. I am preparing a new collection of jokes, it is called “Coronavirus”, – told Zyuganov RIA Novosti.

United Russia member and one of the most popular State Duma deputies Vitaly Milonov is sure that “New Year is a family matter.”

Vitaly Milonov Vitaly Milonov

Triple family, when in the yard there is a pandemic with all its limitations and the inability to spend the holidays the way we are used to. Unfortunately, trips to matinees, theaters and fun in public places are canceled until better times. But what doctors can forbid us, for example, to enjoy family closeness? To enjoy how our children are growing up? Enjoy the New Year’s feast? You don’t need a lot of money to go to the nearest suburb and walk for an hour or two, hand in hand, or play storming the snow fortress.

Vitaly Milonov

State Duma deputy

The parliamentarian expressed the hope that the outgoing and coming years will teach us all to rejoice in simple things that we have begun to forget about in our vanity.

For his part, LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky told that he will traditionally start celebrating the New Year at work.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Vladimir Zhirinovsky

At about six, I usually leave the Duma and walk along Tverskaya towards the Eliseevsky store. But this year I will not go – there is always a congestion of people and there is a risk of infection. But together with fellow party members and activists in a small group, we will go to Manezhnaya Square, there we will arrange a round dance around the Christmas tree, go to a pizzeria, have tea, and so from 17:00 to 21:00 we spend the old year. Then we will go home, where at 12 o’clock at night everyone will raise a glass of champagne for the new year, and at half past twelve everyone will go to bed.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

State Duma deputy, leader and founder of the Liberal Democratic Party

The parliamentarian admitted that usually during New Year’s holidays he goes to places of mass festivities, because there is energy, a sense of unity, a holiday.

But this year it is impossible, so that only the winter types of recreation, tested over the years, remain: to ride a sleigh, to ride horses, to go to a bathhouse, to go out of town, to a forest or a park.– he noted.

Sergei Mironov, the head of Spravoorussians, answering a question, admitted that, unfortunately, this year it will not be possible to celebrate the New Year in a restaurant or with a large crowd of people.

Probably, it is better to meet him with your family, you don’t have to go anywhere, especially since everything will be closed. As for me, this is how I traditionally celebrated the New Year and this year I will be with my family.

Sergey Mironov

chairman of the “Fair Russia” party

In general, the coronavirus pandemic had little effect on the New Year’s plans of our fellow citizens. About this, according to the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), stated 86% of Russians. As for the restrictions themselves, according to the survey results, 75% of respondents support the cancellation of massive New Year’s festivities. According to 35% of respondents, these measures will help reduce the number of cases and stop the epidemic. In addition, more than half of Russians (51%) are confident that New Year’s festivities and public events should be canceled throughout the country.

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