Nov 23, 2021
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Almost forbidden. Shufutinsky has become a semi-official threat to Ukraine?

Mikhail Shufutinsky.

In Ukraine, radical patriots have launched a fight against yet another “Russian threat” in the form of a pop artist. This time Nezalezhnaya, according to Svidomo, is threatened with invasion Mikhail Shufutinsky

“A festive evening will not leave anyone indifferent!”

Shufutinsky’s concert is scheduled for March 8, 2022 at the Kiev Sports Palace. Ticket sales for a solo performance titled “For Dear Ladies, or 30 Years Later” are in full swing.

“A bright repertoire, a heartfelt voice, a restrained, refined manner of performance and an exquisite style – all these qualities have long made Shufutinsky the most famous chansonnier in the history of the national stage, – this is how the event is announced on the website. – This festive evening will not leave anyone indifferent! “

Indeed, Ukrainian nationalists did not remain indifferent. The initiator of a new protest campaign was the former leader of the Odessa “Right Sector” (an organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) Sergey Sternenko… A nationalist who is accused in a murder case, but, according to Ukrainian tradition, leads a free lifestyle, demanded that the authorities not allow Shufutinsky to come to the country, since he was visiting Crimea.

“In March next year, Crimeanashist Shufutinsky, who regularly illegally visits the occupied Ukrainian peninsula, wants to speak in Kiev. He even said that potential problems did not scare him, and he would basically continue to tour in Crimea. According to the law, of course, he should not be allowed in. But, given that our state tolerates other Russian war lovers, you can expect anything, ”Sternenko said in his video blog.


Chansonnier as a threat

Claims against Shufutinsky were supported by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the party “European Solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko, as well as a representative of the Crimean Tatar radicals Refat Chubarov… Moreover, all three spoke against the performer surprisingly synchronously.

A unique situation is developing: while some Ukrainian leaders at all corners declare the threat of a large-scale invasion of the Russian army, others fear the “invasion” of Shufutinsky. Is it necessary to understand this in such a way that the same Sternenko and Goncharenko do not believe in military aggression – otherwise what difference does it make whether Shufutinsky is going to perform in Kiev or not.

Shufutinsky is a native of Moscow, but in his work there are many songs associated with Ukraine. This is explained by the fact that his grandfather and grandmother were immigrants from Ukraine. The artist’s sympathy for Ukraine is mutual: tickets for his concert in March 2022 are being sold very actively.

Shufutinsky himself is no stranger to the imposition of all kinds of sanctions. In January 2021, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis announced that Shufutinsky’s concerts may be banned in the country, as well as Philip Kirkorov, since they are “instruments of Russian propaganda.”

Shufutinsky himself, in an interview with FAN, in response to this, said: “So, we will perform with Filia without entering Lithuania.”

“I’m not worried”

In 2017, Shufutinsky, along with family members, was added to the database of the site “Peacemaker” for visiting Crimea. In an interview with RIA Novosti, the singer reacted to this as follows: “I still do not quite understand where I was included, in which lists, it seems like I broke some Ukrainian laws. In general, I have been to Ukraine many, many times, I have roots from there, I have a lot of friends there. When I returned from America, I did not feel that this was some other country, it just started. Crimea is a wonderful part of my life, I was often there as a child with my father and mother, then as a student I went on vacation in the summer to play in Crimean restaurants, then on tour. Well, they don’t want me to perform, which means I don’t want to go there, I go where they are waiting for me … How can I not go there? Of course, I will go to Crimea, where the audience loves me. This is all such nonsense. I performed in Azerbaijan, and in Armenia, and in Georgia, and in Moldova, and then they decided that I was speaking in some “occupied territories” – such stupidity and complete nonsense. But, speaking in slang, I’m not worried. “

Interestingly, Shufutinsky was never officially banned from entering Ukraine. Formally, as of November 23, 2021, it is not prohibited even now, however, in addition to the angry speeches of nationalists, the State Border Service of Ukraine voiced its position.

In an interview with “Ukrainska Pravda”, the speaker of the department Andrey Demchenko stated: “The border service on an ongoing basis checks information about persons who illegally visited the temporarily occupied territories. In the event that such people appear at the border, including with the use of advanced information that they could illegally be in Crimea, an additional check is carried out, as a result of which entry into Ukraine may be prohibited if the facts are confirmed. With regard to this person, there is enough information in open sources about his illegal visit to the territory temporarily occupied by Russia. “

If you really want to, then you can. Basta will confirm

Thus, Shufutinsky can be stopped at the Kiev airport when he arrives at the concert and sent back. But, most likely, it will not come to that. Either the ban will be formalized, or the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation in Ukraine will have quite influential intercessors, thanks to whom the performance on March 8 will still take place.

There are similar examples. Rap artist Basta, whose entry into Nezalezhnaya was previously prohibited, gave concerts in Ukraine in 2021. Despite the protests of nationalists, including the same Sternenko, the performances were sold out.


Famous Russian actor Fedor Dobronravov again allowed entry to Ukraine, despite the fact that he openly supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia. The actor’s participation in the TV series “Matchmakers”, where he plays one of the main roles, outweighed the furious discontent of the “embroiderers”.

September 3: a meme threatening Ukraine?

As for Shufutinsky, he also annoys Svidomo with a song about September 3, which has become a source of endless memes. Funny as it may seem, Ukrainian radicals see this as a manifestation of “Russian aggression.” And everything is so serious that the patriots announced a campaign to oust memes with Shufutinsky memes associated with the songs of Ukrainian groups, in particular, with the work of the group “Lament Jeremiah” “Vona” with the lines: “.

True, as often happens in such cases, the fight against “September 3”, from which, by his own admission, Shufutinsky himself was tired, somehow did not work out.

Ukrainian journalist Vyacheslav Chechilo wrote on his Facebook page: “How a ‘new reality’ is created: the BBC writes about the ‘battle of memes’ as a fait accompli. Although there is no battle – the overwhelming majority post “September 3”. But the BBC does not give statistics, but gives a selection of posts that are convenient for itself and draws an unjustified conclusion about “displacing”. ZY And, yes, there have never been any Russified cities here – all major cities in Ukraine were originally Russian-speaking. This is another manipulation – although not from the Air Force. “

One thing is clear – the ban on his concert can affect the popularity of Shufutinsky in Ukraine only in the direction of its increase. The forbidden fruit is known to be sweet. As for the authorities of Nezalezhnaya, in their fight against cultural dissent, they have long outdone the toughest actions of the party leaders of the USSR.

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