Jun 16, 2022
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“Almighty” Andrei Razin was deprived of all rights to the songs of “Tender May”

The long-playing story in which Andrey Razin tried to ban everyone, and most importantly Yuri Shatunov, from performing the songs of “Tender May” ended in an amazing way.

The author of all the hits of “Tender May” was Sergey Kuznetsov, but when, back in the distant 90s, Razin declared himself the sole owner of them, no one was particularly surprised by this, since this cunning man could do everything, and especially in those crazy years. Yes, and about Sergei in those years, there were rumors that he abused alcohol and could well sign Razin anything.

Yura Shatunov, meanwhile, continued to perform his hits and collect full stadiums, and Razin was engaged in business, politics, and even was a prosecutor. And then he again wanted fame, and he decided to sing.

He also had his own numbers in the concerts of “Tender May”, but he still could not achieve fame as a singer. And so he made a second attempt, but who needs Razin when there is Shatunov? Then the producer decided to deprive Yura of the right to perform songs, and in order to divert the negative from himself, he transferred the rights to a certain “American company” with which Shatunov was supposed to enter into an agreement to perform hits.

Endless trials began, during which Razin repeatedly stated that Shatunov had lost and the truth was on his side.

And suddenly the incredible happened, the Stavropol Regional Court dealing with this issue, after a series of examinations, found out that that long-standing Agreement on the transfer of all songs from Kuznetsov to Razin is a fake. So, now Razin is not only unable to forbid Shatunov to sing these songs, but he himself is deprived of all rights to them. But for how many years he received deductions for their performance and did not pay a penny to Kuznetsov. So, the latter has a real chance to now demand that Razin compensate for what was not received.

Well, as for Yura Shatunov, everything is OK with him, since he has no problems with the real copyright holder. Justice has prevailed.

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