Sep 5, 2021
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Allowed to study, but: Taliban * tightened rules for women

The Taliban have tightened rules for women to attend educational institutions. They were allowed to study, but they put forward a number of mandatory requirements. The main one is wearing the niqab.

Niqab is a headdress of Muslim women that completely covers the face and has a narrow slit for the eyes. All women who come to classes at private universities and colleges are now required to wear it at all times. But at the same time, they still will not collide with men.

They were allowed to study, but the Taliban * made it necessary to separate classes for different genders. If this is not possible, the male and female part of the audience should be fenced off with a curtain.

Men are not allowed to teach in women’s groups. The only exceptions are elderly teachers “with a good reputation in terms of behavior,” writes France24 and other Western media.

In addition, women must use a separate entrance to the building. School administrators should make sure that students of different sex do not see each other during recess or when leaving university / college.

Compared to the practice of the 1990s, these are indulgences. Previously, women were forced to wear burkas – clothes that completely cover the body and face. They were only entitled to basic education. Residents of Afghanistan could leave the house only accompanied by a man who is a relative.

With the arrival of foreign contingents in Afghanistan, secondary and higher education for women began to develop – they were admitted to universities and colleges. Many rules have been abolished, but now the Taliban have tightened them again.

* The Taliban, the Taliban are a terrorist organization whose activities are prohibited in Russia.

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