Apr 23, 2022
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Alligator walked through a residential area under the supervision of a policeman

alligator under police supervisionResidents of Venice (Florida, USA) did not even suspect what a frightening neighbor they had.

alligator under police supervision

The local police department released a video featuring an alligator as the main character. A reptile with a length of about 3 meters early in the morning leisurely strolled through a residential area. The townspeople were a little reassured by the fact that the alligator did not move uncontrollably, but under the watchful eye of a police officer.

alligator under police supervision

The authorities asked local residents to be vigilant, because the alligator’s promenade ended up disappearing into the city’s lake. This means that the scaly guest plans to stay in the city for some time, and meeting with him can cause a lot of trouble.

A large alligator that crossed the road surprised motorists

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