Jun 23, 2022
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Allied units began cleaning up Gorsky and Zolote in the LPR

Allied units began cleaning up Gorsky and Zolote in the LPR

The settlements of Gorskoye and Zolote are completely blocked, said Rodion Miroshnik, Ambassador of the Lugansk People’s Republic in Russia. According to him, units of the defenders of Donbass gradually enter the surrounded cities and drive the Ukrainian military into a tight ring.

It is already known that several districts of Zolote – Zolote-3 and Zolote-4, located in the suburbs, have been liberated. Now the fighting is taking place directly in the city.

The day before, Russian units liberated Ray-Aleksandrovka and Loskutovka, which made it possible to begin the process of compressing the ring around Zolote and Gorsky.

However, earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian military command, seeing the current prospect, transferred the forces stationed here to the Bakhmut area, which, according to plans, should become the next line of defense.

According to some information, the Wagner PMC fighters, who had previously made an invaluable contribution to the liberation of Popasnaya from the nationalists, are conducting the offensive in the Bakhmut direction. Most likely, this could be the main reason for the transfer of reinforcements to this area.

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