Oct 30, 2021
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Allergies due to hand sanitizers: how to protect yourself

Allergies due to hand sanitizers: how to protect yourself

Both chlorine and fluorine cause toxic damage to the brain, liver, and nervous system.

In Ukraine, cases of allergies have become more frequent due to the use of hand sanitizers and detergents. This is because they contain chlorine, phosphates and other hazardous substances, doctors say. We use products with these dangerous chemical compounds every day, taking a bath, washing dishes. Why is the number of people with allergic reactions growing? Dermatologist Olga Lukina told Segodnya.

Who most often seeks dermatologists

With various manifestations of allergies, at least two people turn to dermatologists every day. Mostly women, because it is they who are more in contact with detergents at home. As a result, rash and irritation. But even worse is that harmful substances can accumulate in the body for years and affect internal organs.

“Chlorine is exactly the factor that strongly causes skin damage. Both chlorine and fluorine, when ingested, cause toxic damage to the brain, liver, and nervous system,” says dermatologist Olga Lukina.

Disinfectants, which we use daily due to the pandemic, can also provoke allergies.

All this will lead to the fact that in 20 years every fifth person on the planet will be allergic.

How to reduce the risk of allergies

To reduce the risk of allergies, experts advise switching to less harmful detergents. To do this, you need to choose products without chlorine, phosphates and fragrances. There are no more than 10 percent of such in stores and they cost a little more than ordinary ones.

Organic products can be used to save on detergents. For example, mustard instead of dish detergent. It will be better both for health and for nature. Therefore, the phosphates contained in the powders lead to the flowering of rivers. Phosphates have been banned in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria for a long time. In Ukraine, no.

Ecologist Mariana Ginzula says that most of the reservoirs are in bloom, and this is a source of drinking water. It is even dangerous to swim in such water.

In turn, the Ministry of Ecology will begin to limit the use of phosphates in detergents only after 2 years. Until then, all responsibility for the release of phosphates in rivers lies with us.

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