Apr 17, 2021
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Alla Pugacheva’s daughter sang her song in honor of the singer’s birthday

Alla herself accompanied her daughter.

Alla Pugacheva's daughter sang her song in honor of the singer's birthday

Alla Pugacheva laid the evening of her birthday with her family. Alla’s daughter Lisa sang her song in honor of her mother’s birthday. The singer herself accompanied Lisa. Maxim Galkin also helped his daughter. The video appeared on the girl’s fan account on Instagram.

Lisa sang one of the main songs of her mother – “A Million Scarlet Roses”. Moreover, she performed this song in French. She wore a red dress and had two pigtails.

On April 15, Alla Pugacheva turned 72 years old. The singer’s children rose up prematurely in the morning to congratulate their mother first. They gave her homemade postcards. A video of this moment was also posted on Instagram.


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