Oct 18, 2021
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Alla Pugacheva was captured in a romantic image on a Sunday walk in the center of the capital


Singer Alla Pugacheva met on Sunday with her friend Igor Gulyaev in the center of Moscow. The designer shared a photo with the Prima Donna, who appeared in a romantic outfit.

On the eve of Alla Pugacheva for the first time in a long time went for a walk in the center of the capital. She came from her castle near Moscow to meet with a friend – designer Igor Gulyaev. For her public appearance, the People’s Artist chose an image that both surprised and delighted passers-by.

The prima donna appeared on the street in a romantic manner. She rarely gives preference to clothes in light colors, preferring total black. Nevertheless, for the sake of experiment, the singer sometimes “cheats” on her favorite outfits. In the picture published by Gulyaev, the artist poses in a fluffy long skirt, an ecru sheepskin coat, and warm and comfortable sheepskin shoes.

Alla Pugacheva and Igor Gulyaev
Alla Pugacheva and Igor Gulyaev

This is Sunday! 🤩😍 Let’s walk!“, – signed the photo Igor Gulyaev.

Alla Borisovna is stunning! ❤ “,” Igor, I’m sorry, but Alla Borisovna overshadowed you in all respects 🌟🌹 She looks just unrealistically cool 👏 🤍 The photo is gorgeous 🔥😍 “,” Thanks to Alla Borisovna for giving other women hope by her example for love and happiness“, – write fans of Pugacheva.

Fans also drew attention to Alla Borisovna’s slightly strange hairstyle. Many decided that the singer missed her choice of a wig. Others laughed at the fact that Pugacheva hid her eyes behind sunglasses, although the weather was cloudy, and this accessory looks a little out of place.

Recall that at the end of last week, Pugacheva shone at the celebration of the birthday of Nikolai Baskov. The artist had a lot of fun at the party and spent a lot of time on the dance floor.

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