Nov 18, 2021
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Alla Pugacheva spent millions to eliminate an external defect


The doctor told what the singer Alla Pugacheva did to herself.

Nature generously endowed Alla Pugacheva with talent and charisma, but she “cheated” a little in terms of appearance. From her youth, the future pop star had complexes because of an imperfect smile. Therefore, as soon as she began to earn a lot and steadily, she allocated several million for a dental operation.

Implant surgeon Natalya Elfimova believes that the Prima Donna had a congenital defect – a diastema. Because of this, she had a gap between her front teeth. This could have been left as a highlight of the image, but Alla Borisovna wanted to have a Hollywood smile.

According to the specialist, Alla Borisovna was one of the first in our country who used the installation of implants. She had her chewing teeth restored and veneers installed.

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

She made them in Europe. The singer herself does not hide this. All interventions were carried out at a high level. Alla Borisovna does not have an underestimated middle third of the face, which indicates a complete restoration of chewing teeth“, – EG is quoted by Elfimova.

According to media reports, she spent about two million rubles on the transformation of Pugacheva. However, this is not yet the highest price tag for such manipulations.

By the way, Elena Temnikova, who had a gap between her front teeth since childhood, decided not to get rid of this feature. The same decision was made by Irina Toneva, who made an imperfect smile with her “trick”. At the same time, now among the stars it has become fashionable to wear braces. Regina Todorenko and Timur Rodriguez recently decided to install metal in the mouth.

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