Feb 13, 2021
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Alla Pugacheva showed how her 7-year-old daughter cheerfully cleans up the kitchen

Alla Pugacheva showed how her 7-year-old daughter cheerfully cleans up the kitchen

71-year-old singer Alla Pugacheva has demonstrated that her youngest daughter can become an excellent mistress. 7-year-old Lisa showed how she could clean the house while dancing.

Star spouses try to pay maximum attention to children and are engaged in their diversified development. Harry and Lisa grow up incredibly artistic. Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva sent their children to an elite gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages.

On the eve, the singer captured the girl in the kitchen. The first grader appeared in a white T-shirt and pink trousers with stripes. Lisa’s hair was braided. The girl watched as the artist’s assistant cleaned the kitchen. To make this process more enjoyable, the girl turned on her favorite music. Lisa found it interesting.

Galkina started dancing funny and invited a nanny to join her. “And wipe it off the table?“- Pugacheva turned to her. The girl took a napkin in her hands and defiantly ran it across the tabletop.

Our Mary Poppins (Oksana) has been creative in cleaning the kitchen. Lisa loves it.🌷 “, – explained the Prima Donna. Alla Borisovna’s husband also liked the idea. “Great job!“- wrote Maxim Galkin.

My favorite!😍have not seen each other for a long time!🙌❤️ “, said Igor Nikolaev.
Fans loved the fun idea. The fans did not stint on compliments to the baby and the assistant to the star spouses. “What kids are great! And Lisa is just a princess 👸!! We love you!“,”Elizabeth! Bravo! What a creative “,” Musical cleaning! Class! “,” Good idea 😉We must adopt ☝️ “,”Musical cleaning😃 Class!👏👏👏 “,”What kids are great! And Lisa is just Cinderella“, – wrote the followers.

Liza Galkina
Liza Galkina

Lisa inherited her musical talent from her famous mother. The girl delighted her father by playing the composition of Edward Grieg on the piano. Alla Borisovna was more biased towards the girl – she pointed out her mistakes.

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