Sep 5, 2022
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Alla Pugacheva – sad and without makeup visited the Yudashkins


Singer Alla Pugacheva visited old friends Valentin and Marina Yudashkin and met their newborn granddaughter.

Marina Yudashkina shared a joyful event on her blog. An old friend of the family, Alla Pugacheva, visited the clothing designer’s house. That’s just the prima donna looked sad and tortured.

The 63-year-old top manager of the fashion house Valentin Yudaskin could not resist the surging emotions and hurried to show her newborn granddaughter to the Primadonna and subscribers. Marina Vladimirovna posted a photo with a guest and a touching caption.

Alla Pugacheva and Marina Yudashkina with their granddaughter
Alla Pugacheva and Marina Yudashkina with their granddaughter

Alla, Allochka, Allusya. Our friend came to visit, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, but the occasion is wonderful! To see not only us, but also our granddaughter – Agatha”, – the wife of a famous fashion designer rejoices at the meeting.

However, the people’s artist does not look happy in the photo. An extinct look, thinness and lack of cosmetics are unusual for a star of Russian show business. Even subscribers noted the appearance of the Diva. “It’s hard to recognize a girlfriend”; “I didn’t immediately understand who it was next to you”; “It doesn’t look very good, to be honest”; “Alla would also need glasses”; “The face is disfigured and unrecognizable. You look terrible, Alla Borisovna.” And some could not identify the guest at all: “Who is next to Marina Yudashkina?”, – they are interested in the comments.

Last weekend it became known about a high-profile event. Alla Borisovna returned to Russia. She visited a Moscow boutique, and the video was posted by her friend, designer Igor Gulyaev. This news shocked the whole country. Loud headlines did not descend from the pages of newspapers. The stars vied with each other to comment on the appearance of a star in the capital.
The 73-year-old singer herself explained her comeback simply:Return of the prodigal daughter straight. My vacation is over, why should I look bad? I rested and healed“.

All the last months, Alla Pugacheva has been struggling with a constant hate in her address. Moreover, it comes not only from fans who did not like her trip to Israel after the start of a special military operation, but also from famous people in the country, such as TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, director Nikita Mikhalkov and others.

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