Aug 27, 2022
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Alla Pugacheva returned to her native land after long wanderings


A friend of the singer Alla Pugacheva, designer Igor Gulyaev, shared a video in which he captured the Primadonna who returned home.

Alla Borisovna, together with her children and her husband Maxim Galkin, left Russia in February and moved to Israel, where they spent four months. In early July, the star couple decided to change location and settled in Latvia. First, the Primadonna flew there with Lisa and Harry, and then Maxim joined them.

Recall that now Galkin earns by giving concerts for the Russian-speaking audience abroad. In all halls, Maxim Alexandrovich collects full houses. The star is greeted with loud applause and often asked for an encore.

However, everyone was interested in the question of whether Alla Borisovna would return to Moscow. The singer herself promised that she would arrive at her homeland by the beginning of the school year. This information was confirmed by her close friends – composer Raymond Pauls and designer Igor Gulyaev.
Oh sure! Alla Borisovna will return! She will come with the children. The kids will go to school”, – Gulyaev confidently stated in the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!”.

And the designer did not disappoint. Today he shared a video with Alla Borisovna, in which she opens her Rolls-Royce from her feet. The star also reports that she returned to Russia a long time ago, but gathered her strength.

I can’t believe my eyes, really“, – Igor Gulyaev happily says, quoting the Prima Donna’s song “Return”.
Long ago. I just couldn’t bring myself together. Are you reading that I’m gone?”- in her usual manner ironically Pugachev. “And I don’t read anything”, — retorts a close friend and a great admirer of Alla Borisovna.

Alla Pugacheva and Igor Gulyaev
Alla Pugacheva and Igor Gulyaev – Instagram archive (banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

But Galkin remained abroad. He is now in the UK, where he performs with scheduled concerts. In the near future Maxim will also visit the USA, Estonia, Finland, Australia, Spain and Iceland.

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