Aug 14, 2022
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Alla Pugacheva quickly found a replacement


It became known who can take the place of the singer Alla Pugacheva in the sky of Russian show business.

While the artist is still deciding whether she should return to Russia after a six-month absence, a worthy replacement has already been found for her. The successor to the Primadonna is called the singer Aziza, who on the eve sang the song “Beloved Ones Don’t Die” at a concert in honor of the 110th anniversary of the Russian Air Force.

According to eyewitnesses, even men cried in the hall from the penetration of the artist’s voice. The author of the composition, Ilya Reznik, believes that he was in the top ten, entrusting Azize to sing his work.

Aziza is a brilliant artist. She was able to convey the whole meaning that was embedded in the composition. I did not make a mistake in the performer. The audience was delighted! And this is the main thing!“- explained the songwriter PROZVEZD.

Aziza - photo from the archive -
Aziza – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Such a warm response from the audience could only be caused by Alla Pugacheva at the height of her fame. That is why Aziza is now called her successor.

When Pugacheva gave a farewell concert, everyone in show business complained that there was no one to replace her. But Aziza proved that she is not a worthy replacement, but a replacement. It’s like wine, it only gets better with age. I’m glad that show business figures have also begun to recognize this.”, says fashion designer and friend of the artist Anika Kerimova.

She recalled that Pugacheva at one time also recognized Aziza’s talent.

After the tragedy of 1991, some artists wrote a letter saying that they did not want to perform on the same stage with her. They came to Pugacheva for her to sign. Alla Borisovna tore this letter to shreds and sent these artists home. And thus saved her from ill-wishers“, – said Kerimova, rejoicing that Reznik was not mistaken in choosing a performer for his new song.

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