Nov 16, 2021
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Alla Pugacheva pulled a famous singer out of depression


Lyubasha told how the singer Alla Pugacheva helped her.

Alla Pugacheva’s favorite, singer and composer Lyubasha, took part in the Superstar! Return ”on NTV. She told how the Prima Donna helped her and how she once saved her from a deep depression. At that moment she was in deep despair.

This is called obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is when a person has obsessive states, thoughts. After all, a person should rest, and then I did not go anywhere at all, I was doing work all the time … I could not do anything and it lasted for several years. I was treated, sat on antidepressants. And just then Alla Borisovna contacted me again. I remember how we were sitting in a restaurant, she said: “You have such beautiful eyes, why are they so extinct?” I admitted that I was depressed. Alla said: “Take yourself by the scruff and pull yourself out! Nobody else can save you!“, – Lyubasha admitted.

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

She obeyed the Prima Donna and was able to reboot herself, “steer” out of this state.

I just flew like in childhood. In fact, within us there are answers to all questions, healing from various diseases. It’s just that we don’t always know how to use it.“- says Lyubasha. She is sure: Pugacheva can use it one hundred percent.

Lyubasha composed 12 songs for Pugacheva and recorded a joint album with her. And she is skeptical about the complaints of some artists that Alla Borisovna “cut off their oxygen”, contributed to the fact that they disappeared from the screens.

I can only speak for myself. Nobody cut off my oxygen. If not for Alla, no one would have known about my songs. She brought me on stage as a singer and as a composer. She has always been a generous person to me.“, – Lyubasha admitted in an interview with” Interlocutor “.

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