Nov 6, 2022
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Alla Pugacheva needs a DNA test to save her children


The doctor said that threatens the children of the singer Alla Pugacheva.

The artist has been struggling with excess weight all her life. According to one of her ex-husbands, Alexander Stefanovich, Alla Borisovna constantly tortured herself with diets, ruined her health with diet pills, and even went to special clinics, where, under the supervision of doctors, she got rid of extra pounds. True, the result did not please her for long, and the extra weight still returned.

According to nutritionist Olga Perevalova, Pugacheva could “inherit” her tendency to be overweight to children. And if Christina Orbakaite, apparently, went to her father, slender and tall Mykolas Edmundas Orbakas, then the twins Lisa and Harry may well inherit their maternal features.

Alla Pugacheva with children - photo from the archive -
Alla Pugacheva with children – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

To avoid weight problems in the future, the specialist advises doing a special DNA test that will tell you if you have a predisposition to gaining excess body weight.

It is necessary to make the child DNA, genetics. After that, it will be clear why the child is overweight“, – said the doctor” EG “.

According to Perevalova, every fourth modern child has problems with being overweight. Passion for fast food, sweets, a sedentary lifestyle have done their job. However, Lisa and Harry have no problems in this matter.

Parents of twins try to feed them only with simple and healthy food, and schoolchildren have enough activities: kids are not keen on gadgets from childhood, but prefer live communication and outdoor games.

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