Sep 20, 2022
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Alla Pugacheva is waiting for the bitter truth, said Khudyakov


The deputy defended the singer Alla Pugacheva to the last.

The prima donna sided with her husband Maxim Galkin *, who was recently recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent. The gesture of the people’s artist caused a flurry of discussions. Some sided with the singer, while others criticized her to the nines, calling her a traitor.

Deputy Roman Khudyakov spoke about the request of 73-year-old Alla Borisovna to include her in the ranks of foreign agents, since she is in solidarity with her husband.

The political weight of Alla Pugacheva in the country today is zero. I repeatedly defended this woman in my posts, who fell in love with a goat and returned to Russia with children without him. They wrote to me all the time, they say, it’s not necessary, we can’t stand it. It turned out that people are right: the famous Soviet and Russian singer is in full solidarity with him – she signed. And then her words were remembered that “if a criminal case is opened against Galkin, she will raise a peasant uprising.” In which country?! Among what people?

Alla Pugacheva - photo from the archive -
Alla Pugacheva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Still, she felt sorry for the woman. But no more! Now the bitter truth awaits her – she lives in reality, cut off from what is happening in our country, on its borders, and does not even realize what is happening to her personally. Nobody needs it anymore in Russia. Neither as a singer, nor as the wife of a Decembrist, nor as another talker from the show business cohort. She can’t even become a foreign agent – because that’s what they really pay for, and they drive the foreign-speaking audience to concerts for a picture, but she doesn’t have concerts”, — Khudyakov shared on his personal blog.

Recall that the prima donna lived abroad for six months, and shortly before September 1, she returned with her children to Moscow, promising to deal with the offenders.

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