Oct 19, 2021
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Alla Pugacheva is jealous and attacks her, said the housekeeper


Dorodnova talked about getting to the singer Alla Pugacheva.

Many fans and acquaintances of Alla Pugacheva are still haunted by the scandal that erupted around the singer because of the ex-soloist of “Mirage” Natalia Gulkina. The artist, we recall, accused the pop star of allegedly ruining the career of a whole galaxy of performers, including her. The prima donna did not enter into a showdown with a colleague in the shop, making it clear that she did not care about someone’s malicious attacks, but her former housekeeper Lyudmila Dorodnova decided to stand up for the singer.

It is no secret that she worked for Alla Borisovna for more than 25 years, so she is well aware of many aspects of the celebrity’s private life. The artist’s assistant is sure that her less successful colleagues still envy the singer, which is why they invent outrageous stories.

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

It’s just that recently the world has turned upside down, there are a lot of evil people. They turn everything upside down, and lies begin. Other artists are angry with Alla, because she is so alone, the second has never been and never will be. A good song was written for her by Larisa Rubalskaya “Live in peace, country”, every word is there right to the point. I do not know how Pugacheva interferes with everyone. Most likely, they just envy her. But Alla always achieved everything herself, no one ever helped her“, – said Dorodnova.

The artist’s housekeeper emphasized that Pugacheva left the stage long ago and now lives a calm life with Maxim Galkin and the children of Harry and Lisa, but they still try to hook her and drag her into some kind of scandal.

Alla is finally living the life she always dreamed of and deserved“, – said Dorodnova in an interview with Sobesednik.

Earlier, her husband also spoke out in defense of Pugacheva. The comedian called Gulkina’s story about the calls of the Prima Donna to Channel One demanding not to show this or that celebrity “slanderous stupidity.”

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