Oct 25, 2021
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Alla Pugacheva caught her husband and children banned (video)


Singer Alla Pugacheva scolded the children and her husband.

Eight-year-old twins Lisa and Harry get along well and love to spend time with their parents. They are curious children.

Maxim shared a video filmed during regular evening gatherings. While mom and dad did not see, the schoolchildren decided to watch a horror movie. The plot seemed so exciting to them that they started discussing it, regardless of their parents.

These are horrors! This is much worse than Star Wars and Harry Potter!“- expressed his opinion about what he saw.

This choice of children did not leave indifferent Alla Pugacheva. She criticized the heirs. “Is it necessary to watch it at night?“- the singer asked Lisa and Harry.

The boy cleverly got out of the situation, masterfully translating the topic. “Mom, it’s not scary! Why did you send me at all how to give up bread, I already eat yeast-free, it is useful!“- said the star son, laughing dad.

Maxim is kind to children. The showman tries to spend all his free time next to the twins. Lisa and Harry do not get tired of delighting him with their successes and arrange surprises. The schoolchildren have carefully prepared for Father’s Day. The boy read a rap of his own composition for dad, and the girl made two whole gifts – a rabbit and a pig, cut out of paper. The original congratulation touched the artist. He thanked and kissed the children tenderly.

The singer of the hit “Insomnia” loves to experiment with style. Alla Borisovna carefully prepares for social events, choosing bright and unusual outfits for herself. Recently, the People’s Artist of the USSR tried on an elegant outfit: a black tunic and a necklace in the form of a massive gold chain. Maxim appreciated the fashionable look of his beloved. The celebrity couple together attended the premiere of the film “Vertinsky”, which took place at the “Khudozhestvenny” cinema.

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