Sep 17, 2022
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Alla Pugacheva became the wife of a foreign agent

The creative activity of Maxim Galkin has borne fruit and he is finally included in the list of foreign agents.

The recognition of the touring Galkin as a foreign agent was a matter of time, and Dmitry Peskov hinted at this not so long ago in his communication with journalists. And so, it happened.

The restrictions that the law includes include 18 points, but for Galkin the most painful is that he will never be able to sit on any committees on culture, much less receive state funding for his creative projects. He will not be able to organize public events and, presumably, concert activity falls under the article. Well, if Galkin suddenly wants to make a donation for some political party or individual candidate, he will be punished with a ruble.

Alla Pugacheva became the wife of a foreign agent

So, Max no longer has any prospects in Russia. Well, when the tour of the cities of the world takes place, Alla Borisovna will have to go to work. You have to somehow pay for the communal apartment of the Castle and raise children.

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