Nov 11, 2022
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Alla Pugacheva almost disrupted the Sievert concert


Singer Alla Pugacheva is not bored in Israel.

The artist seems to miss the attention of the public in Israel a lot. Having moved abroad, she began to go out much more often than she did in Russia. The activity of the artist has grown significantly: she attends concerts of Russian stars, which have not yet been “cancelled” in the West.

The day before, the Primadonna appeared in the VIP area of ​​the auditorium in Tel Aviv, where the concert of the singer Zivert was held. The young singer received the most pleasant compliment of all possible from the people’s artist.

Beautiful, talented and smart singer ZIVERT won my heart as always”, – Alla Borisovna shared her impression of the show.

Alla Pugacheva at the concert
Alla Pugacheva at the concert of the singer ZIVERT

It is worth noting that Pugacheva almost disrupted the performance of Zivert. The fact is that the audience reacted to her appearance with more excitement than to the singer on stage. After the concert, Pugacheva was met by a crowd of fans at the back exit. Security personnel helped her to the exit. There is a video on the Web of how Alla Borisovna leaves the building of the concert hall to loud applause and cheers. Zivert itself received less public attention.

However, the singer was still satisfied with the date with the idol. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are my eternal inspiration! What a blessing just to be by your side”, she thanked Pugacheva.

Recall that recently Pugacheva attended Zemfira’s concert, and before that she had fun in Boris Grebenshchikov’s dressing room. Her husband, meanwhile, is touring the world. The other day, the humorist arrived in Latvia, where he met his wife’s best friend, Laima Vaikule.

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