Nov 2, 2021
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All twenty lottery tickets bought by the lucky one turned out to be winning

twenty lottery ticketsWilliam Newell from Alexandria, Virginia, USA usually buys lottery tickets at a nearby store, but this time he decided to go the other way.

twenty lottery tickets

The man bought tickets for the “Virginia Lottery” lottery via the Internet, and he did not stint and became the owner of twenty identical tickets at once. Now William can only be envied and at the same time surprised at his luck – all the tickets turned out to be winning in the amount of $ 5,000. That is, it is not difficult to calculate that in the end the man became richer by $ 100,000.

twenty lottery tickets

The winner said that he hadn’t made any specific plans for the prize money yet, but it was no doubt nice to receive it.

The seller suggested that the buyer has a happy day, and was completely right

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